Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bedside Table organisation

I was inspired by Elizabeth Kane's post about her Beside Oranisation and a water bottle spilling into my top draw a few weeks ago so I had to empty it and dry everything out I decided to finally start sorting my bedside how I wanted to.
I had a entire drawer for chargers, but now all our phones despite each of us having a different phone use micro usb chargers (our older phones each had a different plug requirement) so we just have a charger plugged in on each side for phones and camera chargers are kept on my desk with the cameras.
Also a lot was damaged beyond saving when I spilt the litre of water so this freed up a lot of space.

Here is a pic of the Top draw finished.
Thermometer back far left with panamax, torch and nasal spray in front; next various medications I need when I first go to sleep & when I wake also in the basket with my Oval-8 splints for my index fingers (wearing one when I took the pic);  lotions, bookmark my son made me, hairbrush & hair dies and finally tissues.

Second drawer.
At the back on the left are assorted braces (tennis elbow, pelvis, ankle and wrist); in middle left is physio bands, zen lotion & strapping tape; front left is a notepad for general note, sticky notes, zebra notebook to record pain/injury, pen & book light I was given by the lovely Michelle; right has my heat packs; in the middle is a little handheld massager.
Please excuse the burnt heat pack, DD has overheated it a few times.

I also did the top drawer of my son's bedside.
Closest to his bed are his tissues & LED torch; basket has his nasal spray, sunnies and comb.  We have a issue with sunscreen walking in this house so off to buy him another roll on to keep in his drawer and 1 for his school bag.

I also got Hubby's top drawer done.
Space for his book on the left; medications in the middle; tissues, torch and hand lotion on the right.

All up I spent just $2 as I had all the baskets except the one holding my lotions, my hairties are in a take away container.

I have 1 drawer left in my bedside and 2 in both hubby and my son's drawers to get organised.  I am trying to decide what should go in these drawers.
I am thinking my bottom drawer I may keep some keepsakes.
What do you keep in your bedside?
Do you know of any other blogs of vlogs on bedside organisation?  If so please share in the comments.
Here are a couple I found.

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