Monday, 7 November 2016

Super Mario Party

Mr E asked for a Super Mario Party  6 days before his party, I had to DIY everything as nothing is available locally or use non-themed items.
While scrolling for inspiration Mr E spotted some cute invites, check out my post I did for the 20 Exploding Box Super Mario Invites.
I decided to take photos once everything was set up so unfortunately that means I don't have many photos suitable for this post as the day of his party wound up being the hottest day this Spring, with very high humidity and very strong winds.  The strongest gust hit just after I hung the Pinata and it snapped the zip-tie that the Pinata was hanging by, my decorations blew away within minutes of my hanging them as it hit just after I hung my decorations, it even blew a entire pack of straws off the  table, it blew bowls of food off the table, etc and then it calmed down a little but I was not hanging decorations or setting things up again to have them blow away again.
Hubby stayed home keeping the Pirana kebabs, Power Stars and Cake in the fridge as long as possible while I set up, once the cake arrived the icing started to melt, so we did cake early and the icing liquified as the kids ate it.  It was a lot of messy fun.
So I am including what photos I can and I will link to the Pinteres posts that inspired me and to the free downloads I used.

I loved the idea of Green Pipes as table decorations and the one on the right would be perfect to put the Pirana Kebabs in (put a freezer bag in first for food hygiene purposes).
Not sure if it is the humidity here butthe paint bubbled.
Here is the Pin that inspired me.

My Pirana Plant Kebabs did not last long enough for me to get a photo, I didn't even get them into the pipe as the kids loved them, 30 were eaten with great enthusiasm within minutes of them arriving from the fridge. For mine I removed the leaves, cut a knotch out of the tip of each strawberry and I only put 5 grapes on each stick so the kids would have a good sized handle to hold.

The Water Bottle Labels were a hit with the kids.
You can find the free prinatable and lots of other great free printables Here.

I loved the idea of using Yellow Plates as Coins hanging with fishing line that I found several Pins of and it took some effore to find round yellow plates here but unfortunately the wind did not agree with the idea.

My poor melting cake.  My friend who does stunning cakes for us was not able to do a cake for Mr E this year so I gave it a go, I used to do cake decorating before my hands got really bad and I certainly can't do cakes the way I used to but I was happy with my Toady/Power Star themed cake until the heat started melting it before I could get a good photo.
The kids loved the gooey mess.

Using a recipe for Rice Bubble treats I learnt off my Grade 5 teacher and adding some Yellow Food Colouring I made some Power Stars, I was inspired by the treats at the bottom right of this Pin.  We have plent left over as they weren't as big of a hit as the Pirana Plant Kebabs.

I was also inspired to make some Toady Marshmallow Pops but unfortunately my hand started to reall play up so my Toady Pops didn't have white dots just red chocolate tops, they were delicious and eaten before I could take a photo.

For the Loot Bags I grabbed these paper bags from The Reject Shop, solid colour bags were not available locally so I had to go with stripes.  I printed the M on some standard printer paper, cut them out with my circle cutter and adhereed them.

I didn't put a lot in as the Pinata had 750grams of lollies in and we were expecting only 10 kids including our 2 so I didn't want to put too much in the loot bags so  they  would have room to put their Pinata lollies they hadn't eaten in.  I included some Mustache stickers and chocolate coins for a Mario themed treat but added some standard party goodies to the bags also.

The Pinata was a Silver Star from Kmart (wish it was gold) and it was really strong, in the end we had 12 kids attend, each child had 3 whacks at it and it didn't brake, the kids wound up having to rip it apart and one boy had a ball running away with it with lollies dropping as he went with the rest of the kids chasing him, it was all in good fun and just him being funny and they all loved it.

Next year I think we will definately have the party at home or I will take photos at home before setting things up.

Super Mario was a fun theme to work with, I highly recommend it.


  1. Super special super Mario party it was! How did you make the decorations? I am also in need of some creative but easy ideas for the upcoming birthday bash of our son. He wants this theme and I plan to host a fun party at the rental garden themed party venue. Was just wondering if you could share some ideas!

    1. The pipes are just pipes from the hardware store that are spray painted with green paint.
      The party bags are normal red and white striped paper bags, I printed the M out and glued it on.
      The bottle labels were a free printable I found online, there is a link to them in the post.