Sunday, 16 November 2014

Falling in love with my Chocolate A5 Finsbury

When I got my Chocolate A5 Finsbury I thought this will be great chocolate goes with so many other colours I can change my dividers when I need a different feel.
Then someone posted about the Calipso Deep Blue being Tardis blue and I was in love and it became my unicorn and I wanted it sooo much but sadly they sold out and the price on ebay made my unicorn out of reach.
Then I discovered the A5 Finsbury Electric Blue and I was in love, a hue that was on the border of blue and purple, so I quickly ordered one as this was now my unicorn.

While it was on route circumstances changed and it meant there was a chance I would need to sell this beauty, so when she arrived I just opened her to look at her, take a photo to share in the planner community and then back in the packaging she went to sit on a shelf waiting for when I knew if I could keep her or would have to sell her.
And so I decided I needed to fall in love with my Chocolate just in case.
Through fellow filofax fans that are also Dr Who and all things nerdy fans and their posts of their themed planners I realised my chocolate was perfect for a 10th Doctors coat them, Firefly, etc.   I am still working on my planner charms.  I have the perfect sonic screwdriver pic to make a page divider with, still trying to decide on the perfect Firefly quote for a page marker, thinking I will go with the same dividers I made hubby and have galaxy photos from the Hubble Telescope as my dividers and I have dashboards already chosen since I set up hubby with some planner fun to brighten his time at work.

My purple dividers, without my dashboard.
I use a Project Life divider in aqua with dots on it as my page marker when using this set up.

As I started planning Christmas I realised brown goes with Christmas colours really well and my love for my chocolate girl grew.
Here is a link to my Christmas set up (link will be added asap I am working on my blog post for it Today).

Pic taken when working on my dividers.  Starting top left with my Dashboard, Brain Dump, Diary, Education, To Do, Special Events & Finances.

I do wish I could afford to have a collection but that will be a few years off before I can afford to do that, in the mean time I am happy with my practical collection.
A5 Chocolate Finsbury for my detailed planner, my me planning.
Personal Black Hamilton for the family medical planner.
Pocket Raspberry Finsbury (a gift from my planner friend Toni) for my wallet.
And my first ever Filofax a Personal Violet Domino which I am turning into a contact book with a section for each family members friends.

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