Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How I have organised my Desk Drawers

Currently my desk is a 4ft folding table so I have popped a little bedside table underneath to my right.
I thought I would share what is in the drawers.

 Here is the top drawer with my old CM case on the right, pencil case from Michelle in front (I keep this open so I can easily access my planner pens), on the left at the back is a box of deleted ribbons and some crochet thread, middle is a op-shop find pencil case full of cheap washi with my handmade enamel dots in a container on top (please when DIYing enamel dots read up on melting plastic and maybe look at the safer options of paint or enamel accents).
 Here I removed the pencil case so you can see what is tucked in around it hard to see but at the very front is some PL dividers I cut down to planner page markers, some pencils with these, and in front of the box of ribbons is some colourful scotch tap, a sharpener and a squirt bottle.
 Inside my CM case a part to my magnifying light (it got put in storage and hasn't been seen in some time), buttons are under the ink blending tool, some replacement blades for my old CM 12inch trimmer are under the ink blending tool foams.
Scissors and jewelery tools in the front half.
 Under the scissors and jewelery tools are staples and staplers.

Bottom Drawer

 My CM border maker and cartridges, Smiggle case and paper flowers at the back.
 Pencil case from Alicia under the Smiggle case.
Paper flowers.

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My space is very small so I have to cram things in where they fit, hoping one day we will live in a house that I can have a bigger space and spread things out a little and put things away together.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am dying for that CM case. I have never seen one in that colour. I bet they are super hard to get a hold of now. Haha I love it.