Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pokeball Birthday Invites

Mr C has a 10th Birthday coming up and Pokemon has become a big thing he and his brother and their friends are into.  When asked what he wanted his 10th Birthday to be he said Pokemon and well Trainers do get their first Pokemon at 10 so this fits perfectly.
I will do a follow up post on Party supplies but as I had to make a extra invite I took photos of each step (sorry 2 are blurry) as some had asked to see the process.

You need Thin Black Tape.
I did not have enough thin black masking tape in my stash so I tore off minimum 9inch long strips of plain masking tape, stuck them onto my nonstick craftsheet and coloured the stripes black with a permanent marker.
I recommend this as first step to ensure fully dry when applying.

When doing my first 10 I just cut 4inch wide strips of white and red cardstock but for this extra I just cut 4inch squares.
When doing the longer pieces in half lengthways so you have a 2 inch wide strip.

You want the narrowest part of your circle to be the folded edge.
I used my old Creative Memories Custom Cutting sytem with the blade and circle that results in a 4 inch Circle, if you don't have this you could use a 4inch Circle Die.

This cardstock was very thick so when folded in half my blade could only cut one layer at a time, the white was thinner so I didn't need to flip the excess up like this for White.

Repeat these steps with white for how many Pokeball invites you are making.

Red half, White half, White 4 inch circle to add stability, details printed and cut to a 4 inch circle.

You will need a 1.5inch black circle and a 1inch white circle for the button.

 Using my Fiskars 12 inch trimmer I cut each peace of masking tape in half length ways.
I did this 1 at a time assembling each invite as I went as when pealing up off the trimmer it would curl.

This was the easiest way to get the seem right.
I stuck a end of the tap down so the sticky side was up and placed the red, followed by the white, then I folded over the tape.

For the red and white edge that is the opening I tore the other half of the masking tape in half and placed it sticky side up.
 I folded it over the edge and trimmed.
 A pic of the inside before adding the 4 inch circle of white cardstock that is for stability

 With text glued in (sorry markers are covering personal details).
8 of the 11 made.


  1. LOVE this!! My boys would love a pokemon party!!

  2. What a great party theme, my son used to love pokemon now he is all grown up and past it

    1. Thank you, it was a huge hit.
      He may get back into it, when we were buying cards for the party a young man we bought from had started collecting again and I think he was in his early 20's as he was embracing what he loved as a kid :)