Monday, 10 November 2014

My Pen/Pencil cases including my new Kipling 100 Pen Case.

For those who weren't aware I been a party plan Consultant for various scrapbooking based party plans off and on since April 2006.
When I was a CM Consultant I loved their pens but due to price they are only used in my scrapbooks, never in my planners.  Due to the propensity for lines to be changed, whether it be bold tip being cut, changing colours in a set or dropping the line to replace it with double ended I wound up with a large collection by taking advantage of specials.
Through my planner friends I discovered the Kipling 100 Pen Case and the lovely Michelle organised a group buy during a sale (check out Kipling USA's Facebook page for our feedback on our poor experience).
Anyway Today Kipling case arrived and I set about working out which pens to keep in it. 
Do I keep my pens and highlighters I use for my planner? 
Do I keep my CM pens in it? 
Do I save it for something else?
In the end the best fit was my CM pen collection with 3 extras thrown in.
And so my lovely Typo case from Michelle remains home to my planner pens, with some washi stashed under them that won't fit in my washi storage.

 Graphic Arts design, I wanted something bright and fun that didn't have to fit into the colour scheme of the room.
 I got a pink Gorilla, my daughter got a Turquoise, I love the Turquoise.  Gorilla is super cute no matter the colour though.

My CM Fine Tips

My Round tips and Bold tips, a Red Eye reduction pen, 3 of the double ended CM pens & 2 ZIG Caligraphy pens.

2 black Sharpies for writing on my plastic flags, 3 frixons (need a black and red still), 2 4 colour pens, cheap red and blue pen, pen my best friend sent me and a set of 6 highlighters on top.

Under the pens is a stash of washi, mechanical pencil, correction tape, eraser and various mechanical pencil leads.

 My Smiggle case is my long trip case, it still has my A6 Visual Art Diary and sketching supplies in it from my last trip to Brisbane for medical appointments though my on the go planner supplies have been taken out.
I allow myself this with what I can fit in it and the planner I need to take and that is it, the rest of my bag is for clothes and food.

Alicia sent me this cute pencil case, I keep my alcohol markers in it, I have 2 packs of bic markers in there unopened and another brand that has since been pulled due to drying out, I only have 12 of their markers and several dried out before I could use them.  Very disappointing.

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  1. How very organised of you. I love the look of the CM pens. I've always loved stationery and all things craft but have really only just started with my passion for pens. I have a lot to learn. Keep posting please