Monday, 31 July 2017

Doctor Who themed planner set up for Mr C

Mr C changed schools this term and that meant he could return to using his filofax after using a standard school diary for 2015 and 2016 and a electronic diary for the first semester of this year as that is what his schools were using.

He asked to go up to a A5 so it was fortunate that I had a TARDIS blue Pennybridge that I got on clearance at the end of 2016 as it was the cheapest way to get 2017 inserts, notepad and note paper for my husband's planner (he prefers the standard column filofax inserts over any printables I have accessed).
The handy thing with this Pennybridge is it fits the boys iPad so he can access apps that he needs to use during school hours while using his planner also.

You can see Mr C's previous set up that worked really well for him in 2014 in this video I did on both boys planner set ups.

I had spent some time over recent weeks trying to find free inserts for Mr C that would suit his needs so I printed what I had and he thought about what other things he wanted in there.  A teacher in a Planner group recommended I get him a spiraldex insert so he can track his time so I found this great insert unfortunately I can't find the original creator of this insert, the pinterest post just opens to a photo.
I also found these great study inserts, I edited them in a word doc so the class schedule/time table would be a fold out and he could have his monthly or weekly inserts open with it fully visible.
Mr C went through my sticky note and sticker collection to select some he thought would be good for him to use.

As the Pennybridge is a gorgeous TARDIS blue he asked for Doctor Who themed dividers and dashboard.

I did a Google Image search for some positive quotes from Doctor Who which lead me to discovering this gorgeous piece that features one of my favourite Dr Who quotes from an artist on Devianart, I have requested permission to use her work, hopefully I hear back from her soon.

I tried to find the artist for each piece that Mr C wanted for his dividers but unfortunately 3 of the pieces there was no identifying information available.  Finding the artist on Devianart involved me googling the name of her watermark.  
I usually would not use something that has no way to identify it but this was for Mr C so I made a exception.

The Quotes I wanted to use for him include:
"We are all stories in the end.  Just make it a good one."

"900 years of time and space, I have never met anyone who wasn't important."

"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant."

Mr C loves his new set up and is looking forward to seeing if the inserts and set up work for him.
In addition to the homework inserts, spiraldex, monthly inserts and time table I printed off a Essay Planner and Assignment Tracker for him to try.
He asked to have a sketch section, brain dump section and for me to get his Physio and OT exercises reprinted in A5 so he has quick access to them.

I still need to make him a Dr Who themed page marker as he is using the Project Life divider that he was using in his personal planner, I just added a 7th hole that I cut a slit into so that the marker can be used in either A5 or personal.

We are a week into using his new set up and he is loving having his time table open out the way it does.  He says this set up is working for him.

Does your child have a planner?
If they do what inserts have you found that they love?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Exhibition Hall at FraserPop Pop Culture Festival

Here is my last post about the fun we had at the FraserPop Pop Culture Festival.  You can find my post on the boy's cosplaying here and the fun we had here.
There were many great local and visiting businesses and artists in the Exhibition Hall that I could not fit them in my other post
Some wonderful art, some fantastic handmade items and some great collectables businesses.
I did 2 loops so I could see what everyone had to offer, I will share the business in the order I browsed.

Smudged Pixels Art had so many beautiful works of art.
On my second trip around we had a lovely chat about markers and I gained some useful info on budget markers for Mr C's anime drawing.

I couldn't resist getting this postcard from ART FORGE to use as a tipin in my journal.  It was just perfect and only $1 was a bargain.  I loved their art, the bookmarks were just gorgeous.

Shayla Morgansen is a Fantasy Author.

RJ Timmis is a Children's Author and Illustrator

Aimie Jennison is a Author.

Then came the lovely Amy's Little Space, I just loved her handmade goodies.

Fairy Linda had so many great handmade items.  I loved the trifold wallets and the cold packs.

Comics N Pop had a big range of various Pop Culture items for sale.

Ozcan Costumes and Ozcan Photography were in the corner.  You could get your photo taken in front of various Pop Culture backdrops thanks to their green screen.

It was great to Sam and Sarah from Preplayed Games and Movie Traders at the Festival with a wall of Pop Vinyls, lovely displays of collectables, some games and much more.

Good Games had a impressive display of games and collectables also.

Poppy Cotton Handmade had some great food wraps and lunch bags, such a great way to reduce plastics in school lunches and I think Mr E would be less likely to lose something like this.

Century Collectables had some great items available and they customise Pop Vinyls unfortunately I can't find their link, if you have their link please let me know so I can add it.

When we entered Mr E headed straight for the Iron Thrown so I missed getting more than a glance Horror Closet until I was doing my second trip around and wow they had so much great stuff and a Creepy Encounter.  Did you check out the Creepy Encounter?
If you need scary items make sure you check them out as they have plenty to choose from.

BC's Collectables Emporium had so much wonderful stuff including vintage transformers.  So cool.
You can email Brian at

Pocket full of Sunshine had so many lovely pieces.

Anime Allstars had a great range of anime items.

It was really great to discover so many local business that I didn't know were local before this.  We are long term customers of Preplayed Games and have been buying our gaming needs off Sam and Sarah for 10 years and we knew Good Games and Horror Closest but we discovered so many wonderful local businesses such as.
Anime Allstars
BC's Collectables Emporium
Amy's Little Space
and Pocket full of Sunshine.

Overall FraserPop was a wonderful weekend that introduced us to some great businesses, resulted in the boy's first Cosplay and featured many fun things to see and do.  I highly recommend attending next year and if you have a Pop Culture event that happens near you why not check it out, it is a lot of fun and worth the time.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Fun at the FraserPop Pop Culture Festival

We had a fantastic time at the first ever FraserPop Pop Culture Festival, unfortunately due to other commitments we could only attend half of Sunday so we missed a few things but it was absolutely fantastic, especially considering it was the first event and a school project.
Over 7000 people attended over the weekend which is fantastic.  Well done to all involved.

This post will be photo heavy.

I couldn't fit all the photos that I needed to share in this post so please check out my post on the Exhibition Hall.

The TARDIS was fantastic, it was built by the manual arts students and  they did a great job.  It was bigger on the inside as the back opened out and they had it lined up with doors into a fantastic Doctor Who themed room.
Blink was playing on a massive screen in the room, there were comfy seats and various Doctor Who items in their including boxes from the slow invasion, warning signs telling you not to go into the shadows due to Vashta Nerada, a fantastic Weeping Angel created by Isabeau who I had a lovely chat with as she told me how much work she put into it.  And more things that made Whovians happy.

Photo taken by Mr E with the camera he got for Christmas.

Isabeau kindly let Mr C wear her Fez when he was posing for photos in front of the TARDIS with his brother, I think the Cyberman is a teacher, it was great that he was willing to pose with the boys.

Isabeau told me about the 7 months it took her to create her Weeping Angel out of Chicken Wire, Paper Mache and a Bedspread.

There were some fantastic Cosplay entrants in the Chilren's and the Adult's Cosplay Competition.  This Mandalorian was my favourite, they came second and we overheard the work involved, it took him 2 years to make and he only just finished it a week before FraserPop thanks to using a 3D printer.  Such massive effort.
I think he should join the Mandalorian Mercs if he hasn't already with this fantastic costume.
Unfortunately I don't have any other good photos of the Adult Cosplay Competition due to the position we were in.

The Redback Garrison 501st several local and visiting members  attended and made the day so much fun for my boys.  Mr E has not stopped asking if he can join the Galactic Academy.

Dark Dora brought a smile to Mr C's face even when he was at his pain wall, she was just so wonderful.
We were very lucky to see Captain Rex as he hasn't used this costume in some time.

It was great to see so many members of the 501st present at the Festival including Redpaint, Darkfather, Tewaz, Arienh, Baytrooper and Phantomblade.  I hope I got you all.
Thank you.

The kids loved the Nerf range, they had a lot of fun shooting the targets.

The manual arts students did a great job creating the Iron Thrown in just 2 weeks.

Mr E enjoyed sitting in it.

I was so excited to hear they will be making this a annual event.
The dates are set for next year so mark your calendar for the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of July and if you need to book accommodation in Maryborough there are some great budget options here.

We are looking forward to next year and Mr E has already put in a request for a second Cosplay costume to wear to it in addition to his 10th Doctor costume.  This one will be stretching my and hubby's skills as novice costume creators.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Budget Doctor Who Cosplay

The boys informed me a week before the FraserPop Pop Culture Festival that they wanted to attend in costume.
Mr C was having a particularly bad day with his chronic pain and then Mr E started trying on his old costumes, just the standard children's costumes you get at department stores like Kmart, Big W and Target, etc and Mr C perked up and asked about creating a 11th Doctor Costume for the Festival.
Mr E wanted to be the 10th Doctor but with only 1 week to create these costumes I was sure I would not be able to find anything to suit 10 that would be small enough for a child.

We started by searching ebay for what we knew we had no chance of finding in our small town, selecting Australian only stores to improve our chances of the items arriving in time.  I didn't purchase them until after our op-shopping trip as I wanted to be sure we could get the other bits needed.
From ebay we ordered a 11th Sonic Screwdriver, Red Suspenders and a Wine Red Bowtie for Mr C and a 10th Sonic Screwdriver for Mr E.

We set out to the Op-shops starting with Salvos as my local Salvos has the best variety of Tweed Jackets I have come across.  We found a suitable shirt and jacket at the Salvos, unfortunately the back of the jacket is damaged due to being burnt with a iron by the looks of it but we grabbed it for $1 just in case we couldn't find another jacket as suitable as this one.  My MIL took the hem up during the week which meant most of the burn mark is no longer visible.

Including his Sonic Screwdriver Mr C's costume had a total cost of $40, plus hair supplies.

Then we headed to St Vinnies to grab him more jeans as the Salvos didn't have any jeans in his size, while browsing the men's clothing I spotted a lovely Navy pinstripe suite, I was really unsure it could be adjusted enough to suit Mr E but for $15 we grabbed it as a investment in future cosplaying.  I also found a great Burgundy Tie to suit Mr E's 10th costume.  The boy's Gran did a fantastic job taking in the suit, it is a temporary job so that it can be undone and taken in again next year when he is bigger.

Including his Sonic Screwdriver Mr E's costume had a total cost of under $47 plus haircut.
Mel at Hair Palace did a good job given she had never seen 10's hair before I showed her some photos on my phone.

His hair was styled by his Uncle Lucas, he did a fantastic job with Mr E's difficult hair.

Thursday I attempted to style Mr C's hair in 11th's style and his hair still hates product and holding a style.  I used really strong wax and hairspray and it just flopped within minutes.  He has the same hair as his sister and it took a very experienced hair dresser using the strongest products available and lots of pins to get her hair to hold a style for a ball she attended.

Thankfully I had some success with Mr C's hair on Sunday morning after his Uncle Lucas had a try and suggested we try Mousse in addition to Wax.
So I used Schwarzkopf Extra Care Push UP Volume Mousse, Fudge Urban Matte Wax and Hair Spray.
I started by combing his wet hair to the opposite side to how it needed to be, applied a good amount of the Mousse and blow dried it to nearly dry.  Then I flipped the hair over and did his part, applied the Wax and continued to blow dry as I shaped his hair.  I finished it off with the Hair Spray.

Mr C was very please to place second in the Children's Cosplay Competition.
More about our day at the Festival coming soon.

Thank you to the judges, Twerkin Gherkin, Paul Truscott and  Michelle from Horror Closet who took the time to officiate the Children's Cosplay Competition.

Mr C was very pleased to place second in the Children's Cosplay Competition.
More about our day at the Festival coming soon.

Winter Wonderland YouTube Hop

We have another YouTube Hop for you and it is Winter or Christmas In July themed.

I have been looking forward to this hop since we first created our theme list in January however I have been unable to participate in this Hop.  Though I do have the Hop List here for you.
Rachel from The Closet Scrapper
Morgyn from For The Love of Paper
Tarrah Maclean
Lauren from Scrappy Cheeky Lauren
Amira from AmirafromOZ 
Connie from Blissfully Creative Art
Chrissi Mannix
Jessica from Scrappy Sisters

Kitaholic Kits is sponsoring this Hop so make sure you enter the Prize Draw.  To enter watch each video and leave a comment on each video.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Planner Spread - Scrapping Fun Kits Design Team

I am up on the Scrapping Fun Kits Blog Today with my Winter Planner Spread.
With accepting Morgyn's Challenge to use each kit in my planner I created a simple spread with the July Kit.

First I made a clip with some of the Vintage Lace.

As you know Scrapping Fun Kits include something planner related in each kit, usually it is a clip but this month it is cute Snowman Sticky Notes so I knew from the moment I saw them that I would use them in my planner and with using the cute Snowman I felt using the Snowman Washi to reinforce my pages was just what the spread needed.

And finally I added a few of the snowflake sequins.

I don't usually decorate so when I do I like to keep it as simple as possible so I don't lose too much space to decoration.  I love this spread, it is so cute.

I want to record what we do in Winter to add to my Journal so I have this journal spot from the cut apart to clip into each week in Winter so that when I am reminded of something we do in Winter I can add it.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

July Challenge List

Welcome to the July Challenge List.  

I will continue to update the Challenge List as more challenges go up throughout the month, so please check back regularly and see what wonderful challenges have been added.

Due to positive feedback I will continue to split the list into Australian based challenges and International challenges, so make sure you scroll through and check out all the wonderful challenges as many allow entries from all over the world.
Please if I have put a challenge into the wrong catagory let me know, I worked hard to be correct but we can all make mistakes.

Please if there are any Challenges you are aware of that I have missed let me know.I am really loving participating in Challenges, it is getting me to craft more often, to do projects I may otherwise save to do later, and some there is the added challenge of completing them when I have limited supplies that meet the requirements but that just adds to the fun.
So now for the list, I will provide a link to each challenge that has a direct link for it and either their Facebook page, website, shop, whichever is appropriate so you have all the details you could possibly need.
Those that are in a Facebook Group I will link to the group, please contact admins of the group to let them know you are joining to participate in the challenges or look at the challenges as some admins have requested this due to the waiting list. 

Australian Challenges

Scrapping Clearly has a fun sketch and inspirational artwork this month.

Aussie Crafters is a Closed Facebook Group that has a monthly challenge and swaps.  Please pm the group owner when you request to join. 

White with 1 is Lavender this month, as you know I love all shades of purple so I look forward to giving this challenge a go.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Aussie Digital Artists Challenge is a fun challenge featuring Australian artists images.

Scrapping Good Time - Scrapbooking Group Australia is a Closed Facebook Group that has multiple Scrapbooking Challenges and sometimes a Card Challenge each month. 

D-lish Scraps has a lovely inspiration board for us this month.  Make sure you follow the link for inspiration and the rules of this Challenge. 

Anna's Craft Cupboard has a lovely Moodboard this month.

ARTastic Challenge Blog has a fun artwork to inspire us this month.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Scrap the Girls has a lovely moodboard this month.

Aussie Scrappers Society is a closed Facebook group that has challenges.

Sketchy Boards Challenge has a great Sketch this month and a fun Colour Inspiration this month.  Follow the link for inspiration and rules. 

123 Challenge has a fun set of prompts this month.  Here is their Facebook Page. 

Off the Rails Scrapbooking has a fun moodboard this month.  Here is their Facebook Group.  Make sure you check their blog for the rules of their Challenges.

SCRAPBOOKIT has a fun prompt this month in addition to a sketch.

Kraft+ Challenge has a fun prompt this month, make sure you head to their blog and read the requirements for this one. Here is the Facebook Group.

Dusty Attic has a lovely moodboard up on their Facebook Page and their Blog and for even further information, they also have a Website.

Mystical Scrapbooks has a fun tic tac toe this month.

Show Us Your Stuff has a fun moodboard this month.  Head to their blog for inspiration and rules.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Archi-Scraps has a lovely prompt this month.

Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia has a fun moodboard this month.  Head over to the blog for inspiration and details.  Here is their Facebook Page.
Scrap the Boys has a fun sketch this month.  Here is a link to their Facebook Page.Make sure you check their blog for the rules of their Challenges.

Get Crafty is new to the Challenge List and is a store in Ispwich Qld that has a Closed Facebook Group where they have a Sketch Challenge each month.

Kaisercraft has a layout to inspire us this month.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Jot Magazine has fun moodboard for July/August.  Here is their Facebook Page.  

Scrapbook Boutique has a lovely moodboard this month.

International Challenges

CSI Challenge - Color, Stories, Inspiration is a fun challenge formatted as a case file for you to do.  I look forward to giving this challenge a go. 

Stuck Sketches has a cute sketch to start the month.

Pixel Scrapper is a Digital Scrapbooking community that has a monthly challenge.  I am so glad I found this wonderful community. 

Grand Diva's Creative Corner has a fun sketch this month.

Scrapbooking Challenges have a moodboard and sketches that are posted throughout the month so it is worth checking their blog and Facebook Page throughout the month.

Scrap Our Stash has a fun tic tac toe to start the month.

Creative Inspiration is a online forum/group that features multiple challenges throughout the month.

More Than Words has a great prompt this month.  Here are the Rules for their Challenges. Here is their Facebook Page. 

Crafty Creations Challenge is a bimonthly craft challenge.  Make sure you read their rules as entry closing dates are different to most challenges.

Connie Can Crop has a great prompt this month.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge is a great concept where you take inspiration from a new kit that is out and create a kit from your supplies using that inspiration and so create layouts with your own kit.  They do a blog hop with their team showing each person's kit and layouts.  Well worth checking it out. 

Altenew has a fun sketch this month.  Head to their blog for rules and inspiration.

Craft-Dee Bowz is a monthly challenge that involves using a bow.  Head to their blog for more details. 

Stick it Down has 3 Challenges a month, a card sketch, a single page sketch and a double page sketch.  Head to their blog for further details.   
It is great to find a monthly double page challenge, I love doing double page layouts though rarely do them anymore.  Time to do more double layouts I think.

Lasting Memories Scrapbooking Challenges have 5 challenges this month to inspire you.

Maja Design has a lovely moodboard for July and August.

Project Life

Here is a list of Challenges that would suit creating Project Life layouts.  Note I do need to check the challenges that are new to the list and update this sublist.  I will update shortly.

Scrap the Boys have said they will accept PL layouts.
Scrap the Girls have said they will accept PL layouts.
Kraft+ Challenge accepts tradition layouts, art journalling, tags, etc so this challenge would suit PL I think.
ARTastic Challenge Blog accepts all forms of Scrapbooking as entries.
Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia accepts PL entries.
Show us your stuff accepts PL entries.
Scrapbook Boutique accepts scrapbooking, off the page, etc so I think it would suit PL.  The new challenge is posted on the 10th of each month.
Dusty Attic states in the August Moodboard Entry Rules (so assuming it is the same) that your project can be anything you desire including layouts, cards or off the page so it sounds like PL will be accepted.

My scrappy friends who only scrap when at a crop, or who have stopped or reduced their time scrapping for any reason I think you will love some of these, have a look at each challenge and see what appeals to you.  Try to do one by the end of the month.