Tuesday, 30 October 2018

EEK Banner

I loved my Paper Clay Halloween Embellishments I created with the left over paper clay from making my Pumpkin Stack and I felt they were just perfect for creating a small banner for Halloween.
In addition to my Paper Clay Embellishments I also used 
3 burlap banner flags from my stash 
some trims from my stash 
some of the last bits of my Scrapping Fun Kits October 2017 Kit 
I die cut the letters for EEK from black cardstock using my Silhouette Curio and the font cut file from the Silhouette Design Store called SW SPOOK 31 FONT.

Once I had all my bits ready to go I started playing with each flag.  I used Helmar Premium Craft Glue to put it all together so it will last.

Here is the Process video for creating my banner.

I love how it turned out.

How cute is that treat bag?  And that little Pumpkin charm from the Scrapping Fun Kits October 2017 Kit was a perfect bit to add to this cluster.

I love how the Moon turned out.

How cute are those Jack 'O' Lanterns?

Why not give making paper clay embellishments a go?  They are a lot of fun and if you use archival paper scraps and acid free glue they will be photo safe and perfect for your memory keeping needs.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Upcycled Paper Clay and Paper Mache decorations and scrapbooking embellishments

 I was inspired by Farrel's DIY plane embellishment she created with Helmar glue and a silicone mould to try making my own embellishments with silicone molds.  I wanted to make someone archival so I used archival paper scraps and Helmar Acid Free Glue to make my embellishments.
I simply tore my paper scraps up and soaked them in water overnight.  I then pulped them with a blender.  Squeeze as much liquid out of the pulp that you can.  Then add Helmar Acid Free Glue to your pulp until you have a clay consistency.

Place you clay into your mold and allow to dry.  I hit it with the heat gun for about 10 minutes and then left it over night.

I then painted my embellishments.  I coloued the Jack 'O' Lantern's eyes, mouth and nose with a fine detail brush and black ink spray.  I used a normal brush to pain the main areas and to dry brush details were needed with some Vicki Boutin and Dyan Wakely paints.  I got some black ink mixed into my yellow paint when painting my moon and stars and I love the effect, the feel more Halloweenish.

I used Helmar Premium Craft Glue to add some bakers twine from the October 2017 kit from Scrapping Fun Kits as the handle of the Trick or Treat bag.

Now my paper clay embellishments are ready to use when recording my memories or when making decorations for Halloween.  Hmm I might make a banner with these cuties.

Since I had some paper clay left over and inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest I decided to make a paper mache pumpkin stack.   I felt this could be a great way to use those single use plastic bags that have now been banned where I live but many of us have a heap of and any other non-recyclable soft plastic.  So I stuffed my bags with single use plastic bags and any packaging that wasn't recyclable but was soft and clean.
I wound some washi around each bag to get the desired shape and then set to work applying paper mache to each pumpkin.
The top pumpkin was small enough to do on my desk so here is a video of how I did each pumpkin.

I used a assortment of Helmar white glues as I was towards the end or each bottle so it was a great way to use them up.   Glues I used to apply my paper were Helmar Decoupage & Craft Glue, Helmar Tacky Glue and Helmar Craft & Hobby PVA.  I added 1 part water to 4 parts glue.
Due to limited space to craft I had to do each pumpkin individually and wait for them to dry between each layer so this made this project much more time consuming than if I could do 1 coat on all of them, let that dry and repeat.  So the time it took me is not a good gauge of how long this project will take.

I planned to not use a pole/pipe in the middle but I found a scrap piece of PVC pipe from my son's Physics assignment and used it to make the stack a stronger stack.  I decided to seal each pumpking top.  First I tried tape and then I grabbed my Helmar Premium Craft Glue and ran it round where the paper mache and pip meet, adding scraps to fill in gaps if needed.

I needed to make a 4th pumpkin as once I squished the pumpkins down a little and sealed with the Helmar Premium Craft Glue there was extra pipe left to cover.    This is the one that is in the above video.
Once the 4th pumpkin was on I used my left over paper clay to make the stalk.  I left this to dry for 48 hours before painting.

The boys and I spent a day applying coats of orange paint to our pumpkin stack.

Once it had a good coat of orange on it I applied watered down brown paint in small sections and then wiped off the paint before it dried.  This helps add detail to the pumpkins.  I also painted the stalk brown.

I love how my pumpkin stack turned out.  I love that it is much more environmentally friendly than anything I could buy.

And I just had to make a cute Banner with my paper clay embellishments.   A blog post and process video for making the banner will be up on my blog and YouTube channel shortly.

So why not save any clean soft plastic you have that is not recyclable and use it to make a paper mache decoration.  Great for the budget and the environment, so a win win.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Halloween Upcycled Mini Album - CraftOnline Creative Team

While I was experimenting with my Distress Oxides the The Stickmaster Heat Resistant Tape was there on the back of my desk and I was inspired to put what I was doing away and instead create a mini album like the one I made for Earth Day this year.  Since it is heat resistant I wanted to see if it would survive a summer in my home and I thought I should make the same style I made for the Earth Day album so I can make a true comparison, I will also make a Christmas themed one with the tape I used to use to make a fair comparison.
I am excited to see the results of my test next March.

Items used
Fancy Pants Designs 6x6 Spellbound
The Stickmaster Heat Resistant Tape
Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Carved Pumpkin
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Trimmings Halloween 6 pack
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Trimmings 2 pack black and orange
Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers Moveable Skeletons
Jolee's Boutique Gauze Ghosts (no longer available)
Silhouette Curio
Helmar Acid Free Glue

The Halloween supplies I ordered to make a card for my friend made decorating this mini so easy, the 6x6 pad was perfect for a quick crop and glue down.
I also die cut a few Halloween items with my Silhouette Curio that I bought from CraftOnline last year.  Having a pile of die cuts that suited my theme ready to go really helped the creative process.

Here is the unboxing of the supplies.

Here is a process video of how I made this album.

I love how this mini album turned out and can't wait to give it to me friend.

Why not give making a upcycled mini album a go, they turn out so cute.
I will have another post later in the month with my decorating of the cover of my October Daily and experimenting with that gorgeous haunted house stamp, so if you haven't subscribed to my blog and YouTube Channel yet make sure you do so you don't miss out on seeing that post.  :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Easy Ucpcycled and DIY Halloween Decorations - Helmar Creative Team

I wanted to decorate for Halloween this year but I wanted to be a bit more environmentally friendly with my decorations so instead of buying new I decided to DIY as many things as I could and include some Upcycling where possible.  I also wanted some projects the boys could help with.
Today's post is about the easier decorations we made.

First we made some Witch Legs, Pinterest suggested a few pins of this fun project.  I wanted a really quick version that E could help with and to Upcycle where possible, so I went with the under the door mat/cupboard/house, etc version.

I picked up these glittery shoes for $2 at my local St Vincent De Paul Op-shop, some cute purple & black striped knee high socks to make this project with E.  We used stuffing from a pillow that is really uncomfortable and no one likes to stuff the legs, I set E the task of stuffing the legs.
To close the tops of the socks I used Helmar Fabric Glue, applying a spot and folding down on itself, and repeat until the top is closed.

I then used Helmar Fabric Glue to glue the stuffed socks into the shoes, applying some directly on the sock and some inside the heal.

Our Witch Legs are now ready for poking out of a wall, door or furniture.

For our second easy DIY we upcycled a empty liquid soap refill bottle into a potion bottle.
Start by applying 2 coats of black paint to the bottle (apply a third if you need to).  Then smudge some streaks of Distress Oxide in Seedless Preserves and some gold paint on the bottle.

Paint the lid gold but rub it off a little so the black is kind of visible to give it that ages look.
My paint peeled a little so I used a scrap of gauze that I had wiped black ink, and Distress Oxide in Seedles Preserve and Spiced Pumpkin with to hide this and my excess gold paint near the lid.  I just draped it around the bottle and glued it down with Helmar Premium Craft Glue.

To finish my potion bottle off I printed some free printable apothocary labels and adhered them with Helmar Premium Craft Glue to the bottle and gauze.  I love the results.  I need some more interesting shaped plastic bottles so I can make more.

For our third project in Today's post I Upcycled a wire mannequin jewelry holder into a witch.
It was gold so I smuged some watered down black paint all over it, you can still see hints of the gold but I love the look it now has.

I grabbed some scrap purple fabric and black lace.  I wrapped the fabric around the mannequin and adhered the seam together with Helmar Fabric Glue, adhereing the lace to the fabric with Helmar Fabric Glue.

I made her a cute witch hat by cutting 2 circles from felt, I cut 1/4 away from one circle and glued it into a cone shape with Helmar Fabric Glue.  I then snipped the middle of the base into triangles so that I could glue them to the inside of the cone. 

I made a tassel of trim and glued that inside the hat to represent hair.  I then finished it off by gluing some purple lace around the hat and poking a old earing through the front and bending it over with pliers.

I then tied some ribbons and trim around the waist, chest and underneath in the centre so they would hang out from under the skirt and represent the legs.
I adhered a dimensional bat sticker to her chest and a cat die cut from black glitter foam which I received in a die cut swap to the fabric with Helmar Premium Craft Glue.

How cute did she turn out?

October 2018 Challenge List

Welcome to the October Challenge List.

I will try to update the Challenge List mid-month with any challenges that are not up yet.  So check back in a week or 2 to see what new challenges are up.

Due to positive feedback I will continue to split the list into Australian based challenges and International challenges, so make sure you scroll through and check out all the wonderful challenges as many allow entries from all over the world.
Please if I have put a challenge into the wrong catagory let me know, I worked hard to be correct but we can all make mistakes.

Please if there are any Challenges you are aware of that I have missed let me know.I am really loving participating in Challenges, it is getting me to craft more often, to do projects I may otherwise save to do later, and some there is the added challenge of completing them when I have limited supplies that meet the requirements but that just adds to the fun.
So now for the list, I will provide a link to each challenge that has a direct link for it and either their Facebook page, website, shop, whichever is appropriate so you have all the details you could possibly need.
Those that are in a Facebook Group I will link to the group, please contact admins of the group to let them know you are joining to participate in the challenges or look at the challenges as some admins have requested this due to the waiting list. 

White with 1 is a lovely grey this month and a fun sketch to help inspire you.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Scrapping Good Time - Scrapbooking Group Australia is a Closed Facebook Group that has multiple Scrapbooking Challenges and sometimes a Card Challenge each month.  This month they are having a special giveaway and to be in the draw you need to enter every one of their Challenges and participate in some other things throughout the month.

Scrap the Girls has a beautiful and inspiring breast cancer moodboard this month.

Scrap the Boys has a cute prompt this month. Here is a link to their Facebook Page.  Make sure you check their blog for the rules of their Challenges.

Scrapping Clearly has a lovely moodboard this month.

Dusty Attic has a lovely moodboard up on their Facebook Page and their Blog and for even further information, they also have a Website.

Sketchy Boards Challenge has a great Sketch and prompt this month and a fun prompt this month.  Follow the link for inspiration and rules.

D-lish Scraps Inspiration Board this month is a lovely summer feeling board, make sure you follow the link for inspiration and the rules of this C

Use Your Stuff is a great weekly challenge that is all about using the stuff you have.  

Kraft+ Challenge has a fun prompt this month, make sure you head to their blog and read the requirements for this one. Here is the Facebook Group.
Archi-scraps has a interesting prompt this month.

Anna's Craft Cupboard has a lovely sketch challenge this month which you enter either via a Online Gallery or their Facebook Community.

ARTastic has a lovely artwork on a plate this month.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Mystical Scrapbooks has a fun sketch this month.

SCRAPBOOKIT has a fun word prompt this month

Made to Scrap - the Aussie way! is new to the challenge list this month.  They have a fun sketch this month.

Off the Rails Scrapbookinmoodboard this month.  Here is their Facebook Group.  Make sure you check their blog for the rules of their Challenges.

International Challenges

CSI Challenge - Color, Stories, Inspiration is a fun challenge formatted as a case file for you to do.  I look forward to giving this challenge a go. 

Crafty Creations Challenge is a bimonthly craft challenge.  Make sure you read their rules as entry closing dates are different to most challenges.

Pixel Scrapper is a Digital Scrapbooking community that has a monthly challenge.  I am so glad I found this wonderful community. 

More Than Words has a great prompt this month.  Here are the Rules for their Challenges. Here is their Facebook Page.

Lasting Memories Scrapbooking Challenges have multiple challenges each month to inspire you.

Creative Inspiration is a online forum/group that features multiple challenges throughout the month.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge is a great concept where you take inspiration from a new kit that is out and create a kit from your supplies using that inspiration and so create layouts with your own kit.  They do a blog hop with their team showing each person's kit and layouts.  Well worth checking it out.

Scrappy Land is a bimonthly challenge that is all about getting out those dies and using them.  Make sure you list  the brand of die you used and that it is one their store stocks.

Craft-Dee Bowz is a monthly challenge that involves using a bow.  Head to their blog for more details. 

Stick it Down has 3 Challenges a month, a card sketch, a single page sketch and a double page sketch.  Head to their blog for further details. 

Rochelle Spears has a new Scrappy Friends Challenge.   She also has a bonus challenge this month

Scrap Our Stash has a fun prompt this month.

The ScrapRoom is a bimonthly challenge starting with their Sketch Challenge this month.  Their Freak Fast Formula for July is also up.

Altenew has a inspiration challenge this month.  Head to their blog for rules and inspiration.

Project Life

Here is a list of Challenges that would suit creating Project Life layouts.  Note I do need to check the challenges that are new to the list and update this sublist.  I will update shortly.

Scrap the Boys have said they will accept PL layouts.
Scrap the Girls have said they will accept PL layouts.
Kraft+ Challenge accepts tradition layouts, art journalling, tags, etc so this challenge would suit PL I think.
ARTastic Challenge Blog accepts all forms of Scrapbooking as entries.

Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia accepts PL entries.
Show us your stuff accepts PL entries.
Scrapbook Boutique accepts scrapbooking, off the page, etc so I think it would suit PL.  The new challenge is posted on the 10th of each month.
Dusty Attic states in the August Moodboard Entry Rules (so assuming it is the same) that your project can be anything you desire including layouts, cards or off the page so it sounds like PL will be accepted.

Previous Lists

My scrappy friends who only scrap when at a crop, or who have stopped or reduced their time scrapping for any reason I think you will love some of these, have a look at each one.