Thursday, 6 November 2014

Regular items on Daiso flags

I have issues with my hand that make writing, drawing, scrolling and typing painful though typing is the least painful.  So writing the same thing over and over is painful.

Hubby works at a place that is 24 hours 365 days a years so his roster is constantly changing so I didn't do a colour for him, but for the rest of us I have done enough for at least 5 weeks of flags.
For the boys I have included the items they need for each week at school so I can set them for the correct days, I have also included flags for when sport is as I track this just in case I have no choice but to make a appointment for them during school hours as their ability to participate is limited and they often just sit on the sidelines.

The week in these pics is a little different as Hubby is on Holidays and it is my Youngest's Birthday on Sunday so I usually have Yellow flags for print photos on Saturday, Craft on Sunday and sometimes Art Class on Saturday morning.
Also I have finished Uni for the semester so no purple study flags (these are in storage on the back of my education divider) and no Scrapping workshop is scheduled for this week so no purple flag for that.

Upcoming week, pens covering Hubby's roster.
HCM flag on Friday is for rehearsal, after it they have their break up, then Saturday is the end of year Concert.   After 10years as a member this will be the last for my eldest as she Graduates this year and is off to do her Diploma and then onto Uni with ambitions of a Doctorate in Music.

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