Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Christmas themed Filofax set up.

My boys are 9.5 and 8 so I was thinking about the age I was when kids told me about Santa and wanted to make Christmas extra special.  I started thinking about Christmas when I was a kid, so I am attempting to incorporate a few extra things into Christmas this year.
All this lead to me wanting to immerse myself in Christmas.
At first I really wanted a Red planner but then I realised that Chocolate goes well with Christmas colours so here is my Christmas set up so far.

My Dashboard.
I wish I could find Christmas sticky notes.
My brain dump.

My Diary.
Special Occasions
Birthday/Anniversary Dates, Note paper to plan presents and events, Christmas Calendar to plan elf fun, Christmas Inventory so I can take a inventory of decorations and wrapping supplies this year.
Sorry can't show the inserts with anniversary dates and Birthdays, they are from Lime Tree Fruits and I put this Dr Who quote on the back of the second page.
Paper clipped together is my Christmas Inventory and Elf planning.
 My Inventory and Elf planning.

Education, this is usually my third section but since I have finished Uni for the year and Miss 19 graduated Yesterday, Miss 17 finishes school for the year next week and the boys finish for the year the week after I have moved it to the back.

My new page marker.
It wasn't big enough to stick my colour code and my morning & afternoon/evening routine one so I cut some scrap laminate down to 3 inches by the height of the paper, punched and snipped it to go behind the page marker.
Over on the right is the Christmas charm I am working on, my hand injury means I can't add the beads myself so Miss 19 will help me Monday.
My page marker from my purple set up is stashed at the back so I can store all my Daiso sticky flags on it to save for next year.

I punched this cute little card and put it in Christmas week so I can write notes on it.

So excited I finally got hubby's roster for Decemember Yesterday so now I can decorate December and plan out the rest of Christmas.  YAY.

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