Saturday, 25 October 2014

Medical Planner - I will include what photos I can in this post but this is a very private planner.

When I started my Planner Journey in April 2014 I thought I will only need one but I quickly found that due to having everything in there it was exploding.
I had my diary; Brain Dump,;Medical with contact information for everyone's specialists, and note paper with notes from each appointment, etc; Financial, Education and finally Special Events.
I realised Medical needed to be separate.
So I got a A5 Chocolate Finsbury for my everything planner and used my Personal Violet Domino but I really needed a zipper pocket for gap fees.

I scored a very well loved Hamilton on ebay cheap, it was very neglected but it is perfect.
The back zipper pocket is perfect for cash for gap fees, there are just enough card slots for all cards related to medical with one spare for business cards I am handed by receptionists.


 I just transferred my first set up from my first planner for my diary so week on 2 pages and month on 2 pages.
I created a print out of my girls time tables (they are both in year 12 this year 1 is in her final year of a 4 year Senior and the other is in her second year of a 3 year Senior) so I have it when booking appointments.
I keep hubby's roster in it and just note anything not medical that is happening but without full details just so when booking I can glance and see everything and know when suits.
I have a section for each family member and I have made a individual divider for each of them. 

Each section has a contact sheet with that person's Specialists listed and note paper to write notes at appointments.

 There is a home made or rather upcycled ziplock pocket at the back for referrals, scripts, etc.

 And when I got my first planner it was a personal Domino and I made one of those 6 pocket folders meant for Midori's for it so that is in there to for any paperwork that needs to be kept separate for each person.   Here is the link to Part 1 of the tutorial I followed.

 Despite how worn my Hamilton is I love it, I have tried to get the glue off it from a sticker and I have used a good leather conditioner on it, it has character and it is very practical.
Despite the pen loops not being stretch I have managed to utilise them to my needs by not putting the barrel through the loop.
Here is a photo that shows how full my Medical Planner is.

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