Monday, 10 November 2014

My Desk with Op-shop and home made storage.

I have half of the office to use as my scrapping/study/planner space.  As it is the back half sometimes it gets used as a space to dump stuff out of the way so I am working on getting my space back how I like it.  I just finished the desk surface and thought I would share my set up and what I have stored in my op-shop finds and handmade little drawers.

Kaisercraft drawers, Matchbox drawers I made, little gift box my best friend sent the Jayne hat charms she made me in with my little stash of supplies to make planner charms.  I only keep deleted inks on my desk as my ink tower is kept in my $13 Aldi cart that is home to all current supplies so I can just wheel it out to the dining room when I have friends over to scrap.
 A stack of 3 cassette tape holder converted to hold washi, bread bin with all kinds of bits hidden in there, 2 letter holders, a basket you can just see.

Letter holder I got for $2 at the op-shop it came with the cute envelops and paper you can see in the back.  I keep my bulk pack of base cards for card making in the front section, the back has the paper it came with, some left over card kids and a A5 notepad tucked behind the cute paper (otherwise it slumps over) from Kmart (in the second pic).

 This basket sits the furthest to my right on top of the bread box it has digital cameras (had them for a few years I think they are only 8mp), mouse, Christmas cards I wrote but didn't get to send out last year due to my Uncle passing, a notebook for (it is here as both hubby and I use it so it is reachable from both desks) & camera chargers.
 This letter holder holds deleted ribbons in the top and chipboard in the drawer.

 In the Kaisercraft drawers I have assorted embellishments from a party plan scrapping company in 7 of the drawers but the top middle and right have these cute stamps Rowena RAKed me and my 10th Doctor charm and my Firefly charm.
 My Matchbox drawers are home to deleted embellishments from the party plan company I am with, small chipboard, buttons, & brads.
 On the left is the little box my best friend sent the Jayne hat charms in with my small stash of charm supplies.  On the right is the little mister bottle holder I threw together in a box with a hole punch.

Deleted inks are on the base of my lamp.
The little red stamp in front is a Dragon stamp I found at a office supply I got to reward Mr 8 as he loves Dragons.
My various plastic page flags are just to the side along with a Christmas charm I am working on.
My 6 hole punch is on top of my Matchbox Drawers.

I would love to see your desk set up. 
Do you have any op-shop bargains you use for storage?

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