Thursday, 18 July 2019

FraserPop 2.0 - Cheshire Cat Cosplay

In the lead up to FraserPop 2.0 they advertised they would be having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and as I had always wanted to do a Alice In Wonderland costume (long before I even considered trying cosplay) I thought it would be cool to do a Alice in Wonderland cosplay but I quickly dismissed it as I didn't think I would be able to find anything.
Shortly after dismissing the idea I was doing some op-shopping and it entered my mind as I parked my car, I walked into my local St Vinnies op-shop thinking "If I find a dress that is suitable for converting into a Alice In Wonderland cosplay then I will grab it and go with what ever character suits."  As I walked in the door I looked up and there was this hideous pink dress, checking the size it was 1 size above my size and just $4 so I grabbed it and so started the journey to creating my second ever cosplay, 1st cosplay with some DIY needed.  My Cheshire Cat cosplay.

On my way home I popped into Lincraft and grabbed some purple fur fabric to make fur boot covers and add purple stripes to my dress, some pink and purple tulle to attempt a petticoate, some pink felt for my ears and some pink and purple wool to make my tail.

Before cutting 4inch wide strips from my fur fabric I needed to cut out my Ears (tutorial can be found here) and Boot Covers so that I could cut all the remaining fabric into 4inch strips to ensure I had plenty of stripes to work with.

Wearing the boot covers on the day I noticed some problems with my design so my next adventure into boot covers (my Steampunk costume for Steamfesta) I experimented with a fix to the issue, I am hoping to add this to my fur covers before Saturday so I will share photos of them after this weekend.

I cut off the bottom of the dress as it was a little long and the stripes were not suited to my Cheshire Cat.
I just did a rough hem as it would be hidden under my purple fur stripe.
I used Helmar Fabric Glue to adhere my purple fur fabric starting at the bottom and working my way up.

Now to make my tail.
I created wool tassels and brushed them out with a wire pet brush.  
I pricked my fingers so many times doing this and it became quiet painful.  Wendy used a old Barbie hair brush for her wool feathers in the Beautiful Australia YouTube Hop so I am on the hunt for a old Barbie hair brush whenever I go to the op shop to use for future project like this.

I then platted several strands of wool together and started tying my tassels to my plat until I had a awesome tail.  I wore it on the day by simply pinning it to the back of my dress.

To finish my look on the day I scrunch my hair with hair mousse and then sprayed it with a full can of pink hairspray and I attempted to give myself a Cheshire Cat look with pink and purple makeup, I struggle with applying make up due to my hand issues so this was a challenge, as was finding pink and purple makeup, it just wasn't around at the time.
I am happy with my results but really excited that my daughter who is very good with makeup including costume makeup is attending FraserPop 3 this year and will do my makeup for me and best of all we are doing a little group cosplay with my daughter joining me as the Mad Hatter and my Granddaughter as a adorable Alice.  :)

Will you be attending FraserPop 3 this year?
I hope you can make it as it is a great event.

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