Monday, 3 September 2018

Cheshire Cat Ears

I am so excited to share this project with you, it is a bit different to my usual projects but a lot of fun. . 
When I saw that FraserPop 2.0 was having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party I was inspired to do something I have always wanted to do, create a Alice In Wonderland inspired costume, as I am a novice I decided to see if I could get a dress that would suit converting into a costume so the colour I found was perfect for a Cheshire Cat costume so I started planning out what I needed to do and knew I needed to make some ears.

I watched and read a few tutorials so the way I created them was what stuck in my head from the tutorials.
I used the template that is in the description of this tutorial by Ember Tay to cut my pink felt and purple fur fabric, when cutting the fur I did not use scissors as I didn't want to cut the fur just the backing of the fur.  So make sure the fur fabric has the right side facing down and go gently with a craft knife so you just cut the backing and not the fur, you get a nicer result with the fur this way.  I can't remember where I got this advice from but it was great advice, so thank you to those who share tips :)

I used Helmar Fabric Glue to adhere the felt to the fur fabric.  I lined the middle point of the felt up with the middle point of the fur and stuck it down.

Then I ran a line of Helmar Fabric Glue down the side of the felt and folded the fur over on each side.

Next trim off the overhang of the fabric.

Then I ran a line of Helmar Fabric Glue on one half of the bottom of the ear and glued the 2 side together.

They are already looking like ears, now it is time to add clips.

Once the ears were dry I grabbed my hair clips and opened them so I wouldn't glue them closed.  I used some Helmar Quick Dry 450 Glue on the top part of the clip and adhered it to my ear with the narrow end of the clip (open end) going to the back of the ear as this is where it is narrowest.  The clip helps the ear shape complete itself.

They turned out so cute and being made with Helmar glues I know they will last.

So when you are in need of making something for a costume why not try some Helmar glues, they get fantastic results that hold up to cosplay really well.

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