Wednesday, 28 August 2019

4 Super Projects - Ruby Rock-It Creative Team

I was so excited about the new Superhero range from Bella, I had so many ideas in my head for projects to do with it, I got to a short list of 4 projects and decided to challenge myself to get all 4 projects out of the 3 sheets I had plus some Francehville Cards from the Primary & Basics packs and a sheet of Red Gallery R1998 Crinkles.
To get as much out of these papers as I could I had to do a fair bit of selective cutting, but it was so worth it.

The first thing I did was cut out this awesome section from THE623 Superhero Collage paper


Next I cut out the 3 items I definitely wanted from THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper.

I then matted my photos with cards from Franceville Cards and Envelopes boxes in Basics and Primar and then cut out some cityscapes and comic splats and title card from these also using my Silhouette Curio to do the die cutting.

I created a starter stack for 4 projects.  I have the start of 2 12x12 projects, a Father's Day card and a 5x8 journal tip in for my A5 journal.


I then worked out placement for the 2 12x12 layouts on the papers that would be their background, flipped it back over the the wrong side and recreated the placement so I could trace around it with pencil and cut away inside my pencil line to ensure I got as much of  each paper to cut pieces from as possible.  

I got a nice big piece from the THE630 Superhero Splat paper, so there will be lots of cute heros to decorate with.  :)

Now that I had my lines on THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper I was able to go through it and get as many bits as I possibly could from it.

Time to use my Pixscan mat with my Silhouette Curio to die cut all those superheros.

I decided to work on my favourite little Bat Girl's layout.
I adhered the big fussy cut piece from THE623 Superhero Collage and her matted photos down, just gluing things where they touched.
Filling in gaps with comic sections cut from THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper and from splat style words from THE623 Superhero Collage paper.

I loved this Yeah for my Bat Girl layout but it was missing part of it due to how I had to fussy cut it, so I cut another cloud bit from another partial of it and adhered them together to complete it.

I added a little word from THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper to hide the seam in my Yeah and it is perfect.

I cut my layout down to 11 and 13/16 inches and mounted it on some white cardstock which I had cut away the middle leaving a 1.5 inch frame and called this layout done.

The second project I worked on was my Free Comic Book Day layout, I used the comic strip sections I had cut from THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper to give it a comic feel.

I used my cityscape to hide the narrow bit I cut away at the bottom earlier to get the tiny words I needed for my other projects.  I love how this little scene sits at the bottom.

I then cut it down 3/16 of a inch and gave it a boarder by mounting it on a 1.5 inch white cardstock frame and running a black marker around my decorative paper.
And finished it off by adding part of one of my heroes flying to the city with a boom to hide that part of his head is missing as he was from the edge of the paper.

Now it was time to do my third project.  I decided my Father's Day card would be next as my journal tip in can just be made with minimal supplies but I wanted to have more items to work with for the card.
I cut a piece from my left over piece of THE623 Superhero Collage paper to fit my card base with a slight edge of the card base showing.

I then used the Super Dad card from THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper, my left over cityscape die cut, some extra splats I cut from left over bits from the Franceville Cards I had been using and a hero and arrows from THE630 Superhero Splat paper. to cover my missing section and build a card that looks finished.

Now it's time to do my fourth project, a tip in for my journal.  I am using a A5 journal this year so that means I can make a bit bigger tip in this time.  I went with a 5x8 base.
When doing this I realised I had forgotten to use Red Gallery R1998 Crinkles paper which I had included as it reminded me of a superhero cape so I was really glad to have a full sheet to play with as I couldn't get a 5x8 base piece from any of the other papers.

I trimmed a 1 1/4 x 8 inch piece from the last of the THE647 Superhero Jigsaw paper and adhered it down the right side.

I then adhered my photo down and tucked in the partial comic strip card I had remaining above my photo.

Added a zap, the small word that I selected specifically for this photo and then chose 2 heroes that remind me of my sons to create a cluster down the bottom left.

This is now ready to add my journaling to the back of it and tape it into my journal.

And this is all I have left.  I actually think I could squeeze one more card out of this but I will save that for later.
This range really is amazing value given how much you can create with just 3 papers.

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