Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Sister Selfie - Ruby Rock-It Creative Team

When I saw the new Bella Mini Theme called Selfie Queen it prompted me to scrap one of the many selfies my girls have taken over the years so sent them a message asking which of their selfies they would be ok with being on a layout on the Ruby Rock-It blog and they sent me the gorgeous selfie I am scrapping today.
As always I started by creating a kit for myself, in my kit I had:-
All 3 Selfie Queen Papers THE531 Segments, THE548 Click and THE555 Titles.  I also added some card bases from the Francheville Cards & Envelopes boxes Primary and Pastel that would either suit this selfie or a alternative (I would later use some different colours from Basics and Pastel), Fundamentals tags, Francheville White Paper Doilies and Bella Chipboard Alpha Pastel.

I started off by matting my photo with some of the Pastel cards.  I chose a Lilac card to draw attention to my daughter via her Lilac hair in the photo and a blue for my other daughter who is in a denim jacket in the photo.
I adhered the photo directly to the uncut card with Helmar Acid Free Glue and then trimmed to side.  I repeated this with the now matted photo to add the second matte.

I held my matted photo over the Segments sheet to work out if the purple selfie 3x4 card from THE531 Segments would suit.
This would give me some more purple on my layout to help pull your attention to my daughter that is in the back of the photo.

Once I had cut the card from the sheet I decided I wanted the word separate from the card and to use the off cuts as another matte, so I carefully fussy cut it from the card to leave good sized and shaped scraps for matting.

I carefully adhered the pieces to my matted photo so it would look like 1 piece down the left side.

While I was cutting the purple selfie card from the THE531 Segments paper I also decided to selectively cut the tiny word section from the paper so I wouldn't accidentally cut through it when looking to use the B side later.

I also cut the 2 girls from the THE531 Segments paper as they reminded me of both my daughters, they just needed their hair colour altered.  S loves beanies and C loves fashion so they really were a perfect embellishment for this layout.
With the beanie girl I didn't cut the entire card out, I cut as close to her as I could so as to leave as much spare B side on the paper as possible.

I then fussy cut them from the cards before colouring them.

To colour their hair I selected Shaded Lilac for my daughter with purple hair and Aged Mahogany for my daughter with red hair and grabbed out my aqua brush to apply the colour to just the parts that needed it.

As I was colouring my purple haired girl I decided the colours weren't quiet right so I grabbed out some Antique Linen to mix with the Aged Mahogany and some Wilted Violet to mix with the Shaded Lilac. 
Basically I dabbed the colour next to the one I was using and then mixed all of the lighter colour for each with a little of the dark colour on my Craft Sheet until I had a colour I was happy with.

I was now happy with how my girls hair looked and just had to wait for them to dry.
The purple is hard to see in the photo but it is a close match to my daughter's hair.

While my girls were drying I worked on more layering for my layout.  I got this idea that a grey card from the Basics box of Francheville Cards & Envelopes box would be a cool way to pull in the street scene in the background of the photo and give me a good contrast that would break up all the colour.
I wasn't worried about the crease showing as it could represent the edge of a wall or something.
I adhered my layers directly down to the full card with Helmar Acid Free Glue and then trimmed about a inch off the right hand side

Next I ahered my purple haired girl to my Selfie word by using some Xpress It double sided tape to hold them together.
I then adhered her down by adding some Helmar Acid Free Glue to where the tape wasn't.


I then started adding some more layers using the scraps of pink I had from fussy cutting my girl and some scraps of the THE555 Titles paper I had left over after fussy cutting some of the words out of it.
I just poked things and glue them until I was happy.

I then looked through my Primary and Pastel Francheville Cards & Envelopes boxes for a card that would give a nice layer behind the bright colours and break things up a bit before adhering the entire cluster down to the Click paper.
I decided on the Pink from the Pastel pack but not wanted to waste any of the card I cut away what would be behind my cluster, giving me a cute mini card for a later project.

I cut a section away from the THE548 Click paper that my cluster would cover, I want to use this for a tip in for my 2018 journal to include a selfie I took with a friend when she visited from Lismore and we spent the weekend scrapping together.

Once I had adhered down my layer cluster to my background paper it was time to add my beanie girls and tiny words using Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots so that I could have them pop up off the page but adjust it to a suitable height if needed.

I added the word Sister to the top left with my Bella Chipboard Alpha Pastel can called my layout done.

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