Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Spidey Mask Pillowcase - Helmar Creative Team

My 21 year old daughter loves Spiderman so I wanted to make her a Spiderman pillowcase or cushion cover as a gift.  I thought I would try using the fabric markers I won from The Hero Studio to draw a web on a red pillowcase and using Helmar glue to add felt in the shape of the eyes of the mask onto it.

You will need.
A red pillowcase or cushion cover
Lead pencil
Black Fabric Marker
Black felt
White felt
Helmar Fabric Glue
Foam core board or cardboard the approximate size of your pillowcase or cushion cover.

Pre-wash your pillowcase for best results with the fabric marker.
Place the foam core board or cardboard inside the pillowcase.
Draw the web on the pillowcase with a lead pencil first, making sure your web centre is fairly close to the centre of the pillowcase.  The long lines I used a ruler but wanted a more natural look for the curved lines between them so just free-handed them and embraced the wobbles. 
Then use the Fabric Marker to get nice black lines, you may need to go over your lines twice, just take your time the second time.

Cut the eye shapes out of the felt.
Glue the black eye shape to the pillowcase with Helmar Fabric Glue.
Make sure you get good coverage, if you need to once it is stuck down just add a little glue in around the edge to get it down all the way.
Glue the white shape to the black with Helmar Fabric Glue.

How awesome does my spidey mask pillow look?
And my daughter loved it so that makes me happy :)

Using Helmar Fabric Glue made this such a quick and easy project.  Now I am thinking about other cushion cover and pillowcase ideas.  What sort of design would you like to create with Helmar Fabric Glue?

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