Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Grungy Kaiser Fusion Holder Helmar DT

I picked up this Kaisercraft Fusion Holder on clearance for $12 as it had damaged packaging and the shop owner was retiring.  As my boys love drawing Anime I thought it would be perfect for storing their alcohol markers in.  We got C a set of Ironlak Striker Tri Grip Markers last year which are just gorgeous to colour with and since E has joined him in loving this style of drawing we recently got them 2 of the Aldi sets to add to their colour range. 
I put this together with Helmar Craft and Hobby Glue as though it is slow drying it gives a much better hold.  Between waiting for the paint to dry and waiting for the glue to dry this became a ongoing project that say on the end of my dining table, which was great in a way as I had something crafty waiting for me to do so whenever I had a crafty urge I would do something on it.  You will notice that my marker dividers have 2 shades of paint on them, I mixed a custom colour with some silver, black and white to paint the half that will be to the front and then painted the back black as you can't see it but I wanted it to be dark.  Some other parts I had not painted after assembled I decided they needed pain and so added black pain, again it is internal and to the back so it works really well.

I wanted to give this Fusion Holder a look that would suite being on the desk the boys use when drawing and colouring.  I selected this old single sided Pink Paisley paper from their Fetching range called Rugged and used a scrap from Kaisercraft Factory 42 for the drawer front.   I glued the papers down with the Helmar Craft and Hobby Glue, I squirted some around the edge and a squiggle in the middle and then spread it with a brush before adhering down and smoothing out any bubbles.  I did adhere the paper to the outside pieces before assembly however as it has been 4 years since I put a Kaisercraft item together I did this incorrectly so after assembly I had to cut new paper and glue it over my original pieces, so glad I had 10 sheets of this gorgeous Pink Paislee paper.
I wanted to embellish it with cogs and gears but I needed it to be flat due to future storage needs, I know I am going to need to have things butted up against it and maybe even on top of it in a few months so the Kaisercraft Factory 42 Collectables were the perfect way to add interest without bulk.  I adhered these down with Helmar Acid Free Glue.

E chose the word I was putting on the drawer, he wanted it to say colour since this is their sketch and colour station so I used some very old rub ons on another scrap from my Kaisercraft Factory 42 papers and created a cluster that says colour on the left of the drawer.  The rub ons no longer rub on so I fussy cut them from the sheet and stuck them down with some Helmar Acid Free Glue.

I love how my clusters have turned out, the fact they are die cuts meant I could fold them and adhere them over the sides so it flowed to the top.

And here it is on C's desk with all of their alcohol markers and other drawing and colouring supplies in it.  I am hoping since their supplies are now out and visible instead of tucked away on a bookcase they will create even more wonderful drawings.

I love the results and I love knowing it will last thanks to the use of Helmar Glues.

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