Saturday, 7 July 2018

Polar Express Card - Scrapping Fun Kits DT

When I first saw the train washi in the July 2018 Harry Potter inspired kit I felt it was perfect for not just a Harry Potter project but also a Polar Express project so I started by creating a Printable which I printed on 200gsm paper.  If you ordered one of the July 2018 Kits check your email as I will be sending you a copy of this printable.

I selectively cut my paper so I could slot the washi in under it so the ticket was over the train.  As I decided to turn it into a card I cut down my paper to suite my card front, factoring in how the washi would affect the length of the card front.

For my card base I cut some black cardstock to 7.5 inches by 8 inches, giving me a finished 4 x 7.5 inch card.

I chose to use Helmar Acid Free Glue to adhere my paper so I would have movement while sticking it down so I could tweak things if needed.
I started by just sticking down the area of the paper that the washi would be slotting under.
I then carefully stuck the washi down, lining it up with the left paper edge and trimmed the right hand side to be the same width as the paper.
I glued down the ticket onto the washi.

I was calling this done and then hubby said it needs snow so I grabbed my white paint and put a small amount on a pallet and added a little water.  I flicked some of the watered down paint onto my card to represent snow which worked beautifully on the paper and wiped any that landed on the ticket off it with a wet wipe.

I love the finished card, it was so quick to create.
Now I just need to work out who I should send this Christmas card to this year and put a message inside.

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