Sunday, 25 March 2018

Paperless Post digital cards and invites - Guest Blogger

Today I wanted to share with you my experience using Paperless Post, a website for creating digital cards and invitations.

When I was asked to Guest Blog for them the first thing I did before agreeing to do a post was check out their website and start a account to see how it worked.
They have free options or you can buy Paperless Post Coins to use on the items that cost money.
By following 3 of the sign up steps (I didn't do them all) I gained 30 Paperless Post Coins to use on options that weren't free.  It is great that you can earn some free coins during sign up, it gives you a chance to create some cards or invitations from the range that cost coins.

I made a couple of Birthday cards for some of the Birthdays I have coming up and set them to send at 5am on the morning of the person's birthday. 

I was able to do a preview which emailed the card to me, so I could see how it would look in a email to them.It feels good to know that I have cards ready to send on their Birthday, this will add a little bit extra to my Happy Birthday wishes I do over the phone or in person.

I wanted to try the invite system but I don't have anything coming up that emailed invitations would suit so I created a invite to send my boys for our St Paddy's in the Park and had Paperless Post email them.

The invitation option prompts the person to rsvp to you which is really useful as sometimes people forget to rsvp.

When a guest responds you get a alert that someone has responded.

It is good to see a list of scheduled and sent cards and invitations.  I have a few more cards to create and schedule for the year and I am looking forward to quickly getting them done when I have a few spare minutes on the computer.

When you want to schedule a card instead of sending it straight away look to the left side of the part where SEND NOW is and click on schedule sending.  I keep forgetting this so I thought I should mention it so if you are like me hopefully it helps.

Overall I enjoyed using this website, it was easy to use for someone with my lack of tech ability and there are many great options for creating cards and invitations for friends and family.

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