Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Lucky Banner for St Patrick's Day - Scrapping Fun Kits DT

I wanted to create a banner for St Paddy's day from a cardboard box so I grabbed a empty wine box from a friend who has a wine with dinner to tear/cut up to make a cute banner and I was just going to cut the lettering from cardstock when I found this cute free printable Lucky Banner  I felt it was just what I needed for my lettering on the upcycled wine box banner I wanted to create.  I just tore the top flaps of the box and cut the long sides in half, trimming the shorter side to match the length of those.

Originally I wanted to stencil on the cardboard but due to time constraints I decided to go with simple layers using the papers and cut apart in the St Paddy's Kit from Scrapping Fun Kits.
I cut the dot paper into 4 and the shamrock paper into 3 so that I had one piece twice the size of the other 2.  Then I cut 2 of the tags and the pot of gold from the cut apart to use for layering.

I used Helmar Craft & Hobby PVA Glue to adhere my layers to the wine box.

I started just by grabbing one letter at a time and creating layers behind the free printable flag.

This cute tag from the cut apart was a great way to add a layer to the L, it has a slight overhang at the top which I love.

U and Y were a very simple lot of layering with just a piece of each paper, I also cut a scrap out from behind the Y to use on the shamrock.

C I just used the dot paper and the fussy cut pot of gold from the cut apart.  How cute is that pot of gold?

K and the Shamrock have the rainbow label from the cut apart, I simply trimmed it slightly to the right of the rainbow so I would have the left over for another layer elsewhere.

I loved how they all looked together while I was waiting on the Helmar glue to dry before I add the ribbon.

I simply used my standard hole punch to pun 2 holes in each banner and then thread multiple strands of orange bakers twine through the holes.

Getting a photo of the  Banner in action on St Paddy's Day was difficult due to some strong wind we were having but one of the other Mum's got this great shot of it.

I love how this banner turned out, it certainly was a hit.

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