Monday, 6 October 2014

My Boys Desk Set Up

My boys have had their own rooms for 2.5yrs and their own desks for about 8 months, they originally got their own rooms as Eric snores but now they want to share again so plans are going into action for them to share a room and to turn Connor's room into a chill out room for them with a spare bed for bad nights, guests or when big sister doesn't want to be downstairs.

The room will be home to their toys, lego, board games, puzzles, books, desk, craft supplies, etc.  With lots of cushions on the bed for comfy reading space.
The first step for this to happen is emptying Eric's room of everything that will no longer be in there including his desk, to remove his desk we need to merge the boys desk needs and so with the boys help I started this job Yesterday.
Eric's room will just be for sleeping and dressing in, Connor's clothes will stay in the wardrobe in the other room though.
So this post is about the finished desk top set up which is how it will be set up when the rooms are finished, kind of a test run to see how it works and so far they are loving it.  Note we have decided not to paint or replace the flooring until they are a little older.

Due to the boys EDS3 (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 3, also known as Hypermobility type) they need a height adjustable desk & chair, we couldn't afford the specialised  when our OT recommended it 2 years ago so we got them a Draftsman's Table and a chair from Officeworks that had the lowest setting possible (still not low enough), so also got a foot rest.  They have grown a bit in 2years and Connor can now sit at it without a foot rest, though Eric still needs one.

Now to the photos of their new shared desk space.

Front left is the homemade slant board I made when I couldn't source one, it is a A4 acrylic sign holder with a acrylic clipboard glued to it with E6000, the E6000 made it look funny so I covered it with scrap paper and washi.
Behind this are their magazine holders, they put their homework here and books with left over pages form last year to use as scrap paper, in between are their favourite drawing books.
Next to them is Connor's prized Globe, some Clag, the Lego organiser I scored for $5 on clearance, A pencil box made by their big sister when she was in grade 8, with a icecream container on top, their filofaxes and then some A4 drawers.
The big green mat was mine but kids have scribbled on it, etc and they love to craft, they have their own craft supplies in their craft tote (click HERE for the video on this) so why not their own mat.

Here are some more detailed photos.

Chunky and Trianglular pencils mean they don't need to constantly be putting a Pencil Grip on to colour in.

The rest of the items in the Lego Organiser. 
Front left is various pencil grips from their OT, back right is wind up crayons, back left it painbrushes, pens and a giant pen and pencil.

 This is the pencil box big sister made for them in grade 8, it is full of gray leads, the icecream container that sits on top is full of regular coloured pencils.  The boys have inherited a lot of stationery.

Their Filofaxes, they keep them in ziplock bags as they take them too school and we want them to be safe from rain or leaking water bottles, uneaten lunch, etc.

The bottom drawer has their magnetix, some puzzle games and a English book in.

Second drawer has glue sticks, sticky tape and the blue pencil case has textas in.

The third drawer has erasers, sharpeners, scissors, crayons and stamps in.

The drawers above have paper for drawing on, spare stickers, and a drawer each to keep their precious drawings in.
I have a tub on top of the drawer tower for Play Doh supplies.
There is a shelf under the desk at the back that I am thinking will be good for colouring books.

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