Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Some Youtube Videos on Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia affects 1 in 10, there is at least 1 student in every classroom with Dyspraxia though most are either misdiagnosed or have no diagnosis at all so are not getting the help they need.
The more people are aware of Dyspraxia than the more people will get the answer to their puzzle and the more kids, teens, adults will get the help they need. 
Apart from Childhood Dyspraxia people can develop Dyspraxia after a stroke or head trauma.
Even if you think you don't know a Dyspraxic the chances are you have at least one if not more in your life and the chance is they may not even know they have it.
Some of the videos I am sharing have some great hints and tips for people with various conditions not just Dyspraxia.
As for myself I was diagnosed with a coordination problem in 1981 at age 5, it was a fluke it was picked up, I saw a Remedial PhysEd Teacher (we now call them a Occupational Therapist) for nearly 2 years, I don't know why Mum stopped taking me and stopped doing my therapy at home but it has had lifelong consequences for me.
We were told it was why I was clumsy and ambidextrous and nothing else.
A few months after losing my Mum I decided after 22yrs as a Carer and still caring for ill relatives I needed to look after me, so I started researching what I was diagnosed with that those I care for aren't diagnosed with (the other conditions those I care for are diagnosed with so I was relatively up on those) and I discovered the term Dyspraxia and started reading about all the other symptoms and discovered so many of the things I did as a child that I would get in trouble for (many I still do) are part of my condition.  Understanding this has helped me like myself a lot more.

I hope people find these useful.

What is Dyspraxia? 
I don't have the articulation issues with speech but I do have issues with speed and volume, I do have most of the other issues they list some just mildly.  I never learned to tie my shoes properly, a student teacher in Grade 2 helped in during recess by teaching me the bunny ears way after a particularly bad event when my teacher ridiculed me in front of her and my class for not being able to tie my shoes.
It is important to note speech issues do not occur in every Dyspraxic and this focus often leads to diagnosis being missed.
Several of my symptoms are cross conditioned so while some symptoms have improved with age, as I have developed strategies for myself but my symptoms that are cross conditioned I have noticed have gotten worse as my EDS3 and Fibromyalgia has gotten worse.

Dypraxia Symptoms & Signs.

Myths of Dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia: James' Story.

Dyspraxia Foundation: Dyspraxia In The Workplace.

Dyspraxia and Me - My Story from Robin.
I can soooo relate to his explaining the issues with coordination of thoughts.

Dyspraxia and Writing.

Now for some tips and hints videos, first 4 are from Diverse Learners.
Eating and Meal Times.
Oh how I can relate to this.  Now at 38 I am much better with my food but I still have my quirks with food.
Sleep Hygiene.
Textures and Temperature when sleeping.

In The Classroom Rulers
In The Classroom Handwriting.
Wii Fit therapy.
Hints with a wobble board to improve handwriting.

I hope this was helpful and I will continue to search for more videos.

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