Monday, 6 October 2014

My basic needs to scrap

When I started scrapbooking back in June 2005 it was overwhelming being told all the things I needed.  There was lots of encouragement to cut photos into shapes but as I became more comfortable in my own style I realised I hated my photos being in shapes and preferred squares or rectangles and this got me thinking about my basic needs.
I love punch art but this isn't a basic need so I will cover that in another post.
A planner friend has had to pack up her craft and planner supplies as they are selling their house and this got me thinking if I had to keep just the basics out what would I keep in a bag?  What are the bare basic needs to scrap and I thought I would post about my thoughts.
This may be a useful post for those just starting out or those needing to pack the basics for some reason into a bag.

A album is a basic need but can wait, you can store work in progress in page protectors in your bag for now. 
A 12 inch trimmer and I also love a mini guillotine though this is not a basic need just a optional extra if there is room.
Adhesive either a tape runner or double sided tape.
A archival quality journalling pen.
Coordinating papers and embellishments in a ziplock bag kept together.  You don't need a variety of ranges just pick what will work with your photos, while I love purple my pages are usually about my boys so I go with Primary colours but I have also done layouts using papers that are very me with my boys in as the photos were about spending time with Mummy.
White cardstock for backgrounds (can always be coloured if you need to).  Or a mixed pack of cardstock.
Oh and if you are a washi fan storing 60cm (24inches) on scraps of laminate or expired/used gift cards takes up a lot less space than rolls, so easy to include in your basics when you have limited room.
Thank you Cheryl for Project Lifers for reminding me of a ruler, pencil and eraser to rule straight lines for journalling and to use to line things up when needed.

There are many more things of course I would love to have in my basics but I am trying to be realistic here as to what my bare essentials are.
What are your bare essentials? 
Have I missed anything?
If I have the room I may thrown in some mini ink pads for edging, a edging tool or emery board, and some gesso and a stencil or 2.


  1. Tim Holtz ranger ink, Kreaxions Circle Cutter, pop up foam, Beacon 3-in1 glue, White gel and black ink pen, ACCENTS -twine, buttons, washi tape, brads, punchinella, ribbon are my basics.. then add some stencils, masks, gesso, paint, stamps, ink pods.. now I might be OK along with paper, cardstock and matching accents

  2. I would have to add in my scissors and a book of element stickers and a favourite stamp or two. Not sure if that would be enough.

  3. I have added a hint for Washi.
    In the ziplock bag of coordinating paper and embellishments I would have stickers, I should of made that clearer, Thank you Leanne.
    I am thinking I would take mini stamps or just 1 or 2 very versatile set.