Friday, 10 May 2019

Enjoy Everyday Card - Ruby Rock-It Creative Team

My sister in-law's Birthday is coming up so I decided to make a quick handmade card to send to her.  First I double checked with my brother in-law that her favourite colour hadn't changed and he told me it is now red, I thought it was pink, oh well.  She is into positive quotes so I instead of the usual happy birthday I decided to look through my Ruby Rock-It and Bella stash for a quote that could work on a card.

I started by grabbing out various supplies I thought would suit a card for my sister in-law including Petals paper from Bella Red Gallery RG516, a red card base from Francheville Cards & Envelopes Primary box, some gorgeous Glitz Cardstock in Rouge GZ20Cut-Outs paper from the Bella Mini Theme range Magic & Wonder MAW77, Fundamentals glitter gold paper doilies, a die from my stash, some flowers from my stash.

I cut my Petals paper down to fit and then die cut the Glitz Cardstock with my die.

I used my die as a template to trace the inside of the die onto the back of my paper and then as my hand injury is playing up at the moment I had hubby cut it out for me with a craft knife.

There were a couple of errors in the cutting of my top layer so they were what I used to inform where I would place my embellishments.
Here is a not so secret secret of mine, I rarely plan my embellishment placement as my mistakes make that decision for me ;)

I adhered everything down with Helmar Acid Free Glue, positioning my die-cut as far over to the left as I could without the cut away part of my back showing as I wanted it slightly off centre.

I adhered a gorgeous glittery gold doily from Fundamentals to the bottom left corner to ground where my main cluster and phrase/quote would be going.  This helped my placement due to mistakes look more thought out and natural.  ;)
I love these little doilies for card making and banners as they are a perfect size for smaller projects.

These large red roses in my stash are really old and the wire has come out of them, so knowing how old they are I put a generous glob of Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive on the back where the wire came out, hoping it will go in the hole a little and sure things up a bit if needed.  And then stuck them down where they needed to go.

I carefully cut the quote/phrase I wanted from the Cut Outs paper from Magic and Wonder and adhered it to my card.

I then cut up one of my Crafter's Choice bling corners and added bits to my flower clusters.

What did I say about mistakes informing my decisions.
I didn't get a photo of the original completed card as when I saw my mistake I had to act quickly and then I got caught up in adding bits to fix it.
It turns out my card base was back to front so my card was opening weirdly.  The quote was the most recently stuck down item so thanking my lucky stars I used wet glue and it wasn't dry on that one item yet I carefully peeled it up and flipped things around so what was the bottom left is now the top right and glued my quote back down.

This then lead to my adding some satin ribbon roses from my stash as what was now my bottom left cluster felt like it needed more and to balance it it meant the top right cluster needed one too.
So don't panic when you make a mistake when creating, make the mistake work for you.  :)

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