Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Exhibition Hall at FraserPop Pop Culture Festival

Here is my last post about the fun we had at the FraserPop Pop Culture Festival.  You can find my post on the boy's cosplaying here and the fun we had here.
There were many great local and visiting businesses and artists in the Exhibition Hall that I could not fit them in my other post
Some wonderful art, some fantastic handmade items and some great collectables businesses.
I did 2 loops so I could see what everyone had to offer, I will share the business in the order I browsed.

Smudged Pixels Art had so many beautiful works of art.
On my second trip around we had a lovely chat about markers and I gained some useful info on budget markers for Mr C's anime drawing.

I couldn't resist getting this postcard from ART FORGE to use as a tipin in my journal.  It was just perfect and only $1 was a bargain.  I loved their art, the bookmarks were just gorgeous.

Shayla Morgansen is a Fantasy Author.

RJ Timmis is a Children's Author and Illustrator

Aimie Jennison is a Author.

Then came the lovely Amy's Little Space, I just loved her handmade goodies.

Fairy Linda had so many great handmade items.  I loved the trifold wallets and the cold packs.

Comics N Pop had a big range of various Pop Culture items for sale.

Ozcan Costumes and Ozcan Photography were in the corner.  You could get your photo taken in front of various Pop Culture backdrops thanks to their green screen.

It was great to Sam and Sarah from Preplayed Games and Movie Traders at the Festival with a wall of Pop Vinyls, lovely displays of collectables, some games and much more.

Good Games had a impressive display of games and collectables also.

Poppy Cotton Handmade had some great food wraps and lunch bags, such a great way to reduce plastics in school lunches and I think Mr E would be less likely to lose something like this.

Century Collectables had some great items available and they customise Pop Vinyls unfortunately I can't find their link, if you have their link please let me know so I can add it.

When we entered Mr E headed straight for the Iron Thrown so I missed getting more than a glance Horror Closet until I was doing my second trip around and wow they had so much great stuff and a Creepy Encounter.  Did you check out the Creepy Encounter?
If you need scary items make sure you check them out as they have plenty to choose from.

BC's Collectables Emporium had so much wonderful stuff including vintage transformers.  So cool.
You can email Brian at bag78@hotmail.com

Pocket full of Sunshine had so many lovely pieces.

Anime Allstars had a great range of anime items.

It was really great to discover so many local business that I didn't know were local before this.  We are long term customers of Preplayed Games and have been buying our gaming needs off Sam and Sarah for 10 years and we knew Good Games and Horror Closest but we discovered so many wonderful local businesses such as.
Anime Allstars
BC's Collectables Emporium
Amy's Little Space
and Pocket full of Sunshine.

Overall FraserPop was a wonderful weekend that introduced us to some great businesses, resulted in the boy's first Cosplay and featured many fun things to see and do.  I highly recommend attending next year and if you have a Pop Culture event that happens near you why not check it out, it is a lot of fun and worth the time.

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