Monday, 24 July 2017

Fun at the FraserPop Pop Culture Festival

We had a fantastic time at the first ever FraserPop Pop Culture Festival, unfortunately due to other commitments we could only attend half of Sunday so we missed a few things but it was absolutely fantastic, especially considering it was the first event and a school project.
Over 7000 people attended over the weekend which is fantastic.  Well done to all involved.

This post will be photo heavy.

I couldn't fit all the photos that I needed to share in this post so please check out my post on the Exhibition Hall.

The TARDIS was fantastic, it was built by the manual arts students and  they did a great job.  It was bigger on the inside as the back opened out and they had it lined up with doors into a fantastic Doctor Who themed room.
Blink was playing on a massive screen in the room, there were comfy seats and various Doctor Who items in their including boxes from the slow invasion, warning signs telling you not to go into the shadows due to Vashta Nerada, a fantastic Weeping Angel created by Isabeau who I had a lovely chat with as she told me how much work she put into it.  And more things that made Whovians happy.

Photo taken by Mr E with the camera he got for Christmas.

Isabeau kindly let Mr C wear her Fez when he was posing for photos in front of the TARDIS with his brother, I think the Cyberman is a teacher, it was great that he was willing to pose with the boys.

Isabeau told me about the 7 months it took her to create her Weeping Angel out of Chicken Wire, Paper Mache and a Bedspread.

There were some fantastic Cosplay entrants in the Chilren's and the Adult's Cosplay Competition.  This Mandalorian was my favourite, they came second and we overheard the work involved, it took him 2 years to make and he only just finished it a week before FraserPop thanks to using a 3D printer.  Such massive effort.
I think he should join the Mandalorian Mercs if he hasn't already with this fantastic costume.
Unfortunately I don't have any other good photos of the Adult Cosplay Competition due to the position we were in.

The Redback Garrison 501st several local and visiting members  attended and made the day so much fun for my boys.  Mr E has not stopped asking if he can join the Galactic Academy.

Dark Dora brought a smile to Mr C's face even when he was at his pain wall, she was just so wonderful.
We were very lucky to see Captain Rex as he hasn't used this costume in some time.

It was great to see so many members of the 501st present at the Festival including Redpaint, Darkfather, Tewaz, Arienh, Baytrooper and Phantomblade.  I hope I got you all.
Thank you.

The kids loved the Nerf range, they had a lot of fun shooting the targets.

The manual arts students did a great job creating the Iron Thrown in just 2 weeks.

Mr E enjoyed sitting in it.

I was so excited to hear they will be making this a annual event.
The dates are set for next year so mark your calendar for the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of July and if you need to book accommodation in Maryborough there are some great budget options here.

We are looking forward to next year and Mr E has already put in a request for a second Cosplay costume to wear to it in addition to his 10th Doctor costume.  This one will be stretching my and hubby's skills as novice costume creators.

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