Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New planner set up aka returning to what works.

Today I am up on the Scrapping Fun blog with details of my new weekly and daily planner set up. well my return to what works best for me.

I lost my Planner Groove last year and I really need my planner to work for me as having Dyspraxia, EDS & Fibro if my planner isn't working for me then I forget things so I stepped back to the inserts that worked best for my from Jen on her blog Organised Lifestyle back in 2014.

I love the weekly To Do List and Tracker in these inserts I find a weekly To Do works better for me rather than a daily.

I rarely decorate my planner inserts however my printer is being tempramental and printed lines where there shouldn't be lines so I used the washi from the Neon kit and a couple of thin neon washi from my stash to hide this.  And added some decoration using the fun hearts from the kit.

I dated my inserts with incorrect dates so the printable Morgyn created for this kit came in very handy as they covered my errors so I could date them correctly.

I have used a highlighter to mark the time between school runs so I can quickly see the chunk of time and plan it out each day.
Highlighters were the perfect thing to use with the Neon kit.
There are certain things I need to get done each week that are best done between school runs.  I don't have set days for most things as I never know if I may be called to pick up one of my kids early due to a EDS related issue.

I love that Jen's daily inserts have a seperate To Do on for at Home and Out.  I find breaking up my To Do's like this very helpful.

Now to finish planning out my week.

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