Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August List of Challenges

Welcome to my first List of Challenges on my blog, I have done 2 lists previously on my Facebook Page but felt a blog post was needed so people can easily find links to all the monthly challenges.
Please if there is any I have missed let me know.
There are a couple I am still waiting to here back from and a couple that haven't put their August Challenge up yet.  I will update this list with those links asap, so pop back and check for updates.

I am really loving participating in Challenges, it is getting me to craft more often, to do projects I may otherwise save to do later, and some there is the added challenge of completing them when I have limited supplies that meet the requirements but that just adds to the fun.

My scrappy friends who only scrap when at a crop, or who have stopped or reduced their time scrapping for any reason I think you will love some of these, have a look at each challenge and see what appeals to you.  Try to do one by the end of the month.

So now for the list, I will provide a link to each challenge that has a direct link for it and either their Facebook page, website, shop, whichever is appropriate so you have all the details you could possibly need.
Those that are in a Facebook Group I will link to the group, please contact admins of the group to let them know you are joining to participate in the challenges or look at the challenges as some admins have requested this due to the waiting list.

D-lish Scraps August Inspiration Board make sure you follow the link for inspiration and the rules of this Challenge.  They have some really cute supplies in their Shop.

Scrap the Boys August Inspiration is great as it is encouraging us to scrap photos we often avoid.  Here is a link to their Facebook Page.
Make sure you check their blog for the rules of their Challenges.

Kraft + Challenge has many cute options for projects.

Scrap the Girls August Mood Board is perfect for younger photos of my second eldest as it is based on her favourite colour until she was 8, check the blog for inspiration and rules.  Here is their Facebook Page .

White with 1 this month features my favourite colour.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Dusty Attic August Moodboard is up on their Facebook Page and their Blog and for even further information they have a Website.

Pixels and Paper August Inspiration Photo is full of colour and cupcakes.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Show us your stuff August Challenge is great for getting us to use that paper we don't like, head to to the blog for inspiration and rules.  Here is their Facebook Page.

ARTastic Challenge Blog August Inspiration as always is a interesting Challenge as it features a artwork each month for you to take your inspiration from and create what you wish from that inspiration.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Funky Flair Inspiration Studio August Mood Board is full of lovely colours, follow the link to find inspiration and the rules.  They sell some cute Flairs & embellishments at there Shop and their website is also full of inspiration.

Scrapbooking Top 50 Austrailia August Challenge I think I will get some more of Coralee's cello journey scrapped with this Challenge, head over to the blog for inspiration and details.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Sketchy Boards Challenge has a lovely photo for inspiration and a cute this cute sketch, follow the link for the photo and be inspired by the projects people create..

Aussie Crafters is a Closed Facebook Group that has a monthly challenge and swaps.  Please pm the group owner when you request to join.

Scrapping Good Time - Scrapbooking Group Australia is a Closed Facebook Group that has monthly Scrapbooking Challenges and Card Challenges each month.

123 Challenge Blog has me wanting to eat Chocolate.  Here is a link to their Facebook Page

Scrapbooking Challenges have a moodboard and sketches that are posted throughout the month so it is worth checking their blog and Facebook Page throughout the month.

Jot Magazine have a moodboard that is perfect for getting some of the music photos that are waiting to be scrapped done.  Here is their Facebook Page

Kaisercraft has a great sketch for August, follow the link for the rules.  Here is their Facebook Page.

Scrapbook Boutique has a great moodboard for August, I discovered it thanks to Lousie informing me in the comments.  Thank you Louise.  The have a online shop with lots of supplies.

I know it is close to the end of the month but I found 2 more fantastic Challenges so please go check them out, I definately want to try and get them done if I can, they will be included in next month's list also.
Off the Rails Scrapbooking has a moodboard that has me wanting to scrap some more music photos.  Here is their Facebook Group.

More Than Words has 2 Challenges a month, due to this the name of the blog will take you to the Challenge Rules, click on the Challenge name of each Challenge for the direct link.  The Main Challenge is up at the start of the month and the Mini Challenge is just the last week of the month so a nice extra if you have done all the challenges that you wished to do and need something else.  Here is their Facebook Page.
I really want to try and get the main challenge done, if I don't get it done by the end of the month I will still do it.


  1. Have loved looking around your blog. Thank you for the challenge list - there are a few there that I didn't know about.
    We have a fabulous challenge over at http://scrapbookboutiquenews.blogspot.com.au/ would love for you to play along.
    Louise xo

    1. Hi Louise.
      Thank you for looking around my blog.
      Thank you for letting me know about your challenge, do you mind if I add it to my list?

  2. These are great, I think I need to do some of these to force me to craft again!! It feels like its been forever!

    1. Yes they are great for getting us crafting again.
      I look forward to seeing your creations Seryn.
      The September list is now up under the new Challenge List tab.

  3. Going to have to get you to remind me about this list when I have time to scrap I am hopeless!

    1. I am happy to notify you each month, perhaps follow via bloglovin as I know that sends out a notification for each post.