Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Portable Homework Station

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, the school holidays, Christmas and back to school were rather chaotic here.
Recently I used a Excel Spreadsheet to map out the boys and my days.  I put everything in they and I need to do and realised something I had already known but the visual helped confirm, if the boys do everything they are meant to every day then especially on the days we have Physio, Swimming & Band Practice that they don't have any free time, any down time, hence why we miss doing things that should be done on these days.
So here is my solution, a Portable Homework Station this means the child not involved in a appointment or activity can get their homework done so that when we get home there is one less thing to do.
There old Wiggle Bag is getting some use as it fits everything except my laptop, I will be taking my laptop when possible also .
 At the time I took the picks my Grade 5 child had lost his homework folder so his homework is loose, he has now found it.
So inside we have a lap desk, my Grade 3's homework folder, my Grade 5's homework and a pencil case.
Front pocket of the pencil case has the boys pencil grips (my Grade 5 boy has lost his so I have to buy another), assorted sticky notes, glue stick, eraser and pencil sharpener.
 The large pocket of the pencil case has highlighters, ruler, chunky coloured pencils (so they don't have to constantly change their grip over) and grey leads.

This is what is in my Grade 3's homework folder.
The Grade 3's at my son's school use a A3 mesh case as their homework folder and the grade 5's use a red polypick envelope.


  1. Is this something you use all the time ? How is it working for you ?

    1. It worked great last year but this year has been a very different year with Homework, Mr E forgets to bring it home every week lol.