Monday, 16 March 2015

Pocket Raspberry Finsbury as my wallet and mini schedule.

My planner/EDS friend Toni gave me this lovely Pocket Raspberry Finsbury to use as my wallet and I love it.
I don't change dividers or charms in this as well it lives in my bag.

Here are some photos of my set up.

Best wallet I have every had as I can customise it to my needs.

Hand covering license.
Sorry taking on the go lol.
Card slots have my card to my account for groceries/getting each weeks cash out and my carers card (though very few places where I live honour this card sadly).

Pocket behind card slots has stamps and postal receipts for tracking purposes, these receipts get binned when I know the person has received their item.

Cut down collector card inserts to make reward card storage.
They are staggered to avoid bulk.
8 in total pockets in total holding 14 cards

Showing a old week.
WO2 for schedule with minimal detail as I don't take my planner out any more due to pain levels but still need to be able to schedule stuff.

Second divider for my notes section.
At back of notes I have a fly leaf, behind it is 1 sheet of address paper to record contact info if I need to.

Clear filofax pocket on left for vouchers.
Upcycled paperclip packaging for envelop budget.
I have 3 of these (groceries, fuel, kids).

Zipper pocket is for money to spend on me (has been empty for some time lol).

Receipts in back.

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