Monday, 27 April 2020

Bee Bath - Helmar Creative Team

Today I have a cute project for the Garden to share with you.

With this move I am now able to garden (the old house had stairs so any gardening I tried died as I couldn't tend to it as needed), so I decided to try Container Gardening, this was planned for a late March to early April start but with isolation I brought it forward a couple of weeks so we would be harvesting sooner as we have food intolerances and in early March it was very hard to get the foods we can eat.

I have been reading up on all sorts of stuff about container gardening and veggie gardening when I came across a Bee Bath and it seemed like a really cute idea and a great way to use this broken chair I rescued from being sent to the tip as I felt it would work in my garden to rest my Bee Bath on :)

I grabbed a shallow pot and a pot saucer, blue glass pebbles (according to the internet putting these in the bath prevents bees from drowning and attracts them), Helmar Silicone Adhesive Sealant and selected some flowers that according to the internet Bees love and set to work.

At first I tried putting the Helmar Silicone Adhesive Sealant on the edge of the pot and holding the saucer in place until it dried but that didn't work, I kept wobbling.

So after lots of wibbly wobbly mess was created I flipped things and put some more  Helmar Silicone Adhesive Sealant on the bottom of the saucer and place the pot on top and left it to dry.

Once it was dry I added some good quality potting mix to the pot and planted my flowers with the tallest at what would be the back.  I have over-planted the violas but as they grow I will transplant the excess, I wanted plenty of flowers from the start in the hope of attracting bees to my Veggies.

I have 2 ways of using my Bee Bath.  I can just add a shallow bowl into the saucer and place the pebbles and water in this to make cleaning easier as you need to provide fresh water daily and clean the bath once a week for the bee's health.  Or you can just put the pebbles directly into the saucer and just hose it when you water the pot.

I think this has turned out super cute and I am going do add smaller pots around the edge at the front to fill out the chair more and attract more good insects to my veggies.

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