Sunday, 23 December 2018

Gift Ideas for the Scrapbooker/Papercraft List 2

My friend Shay asked in her Scrapbooking Group what scrapbooking related thing were people hoping to get for Christmas so I commented that time is what I need and mentioned my Gift Ideas blog post listed ways you could provide time.  Shay and I started chatting about my list and I told her I had had a couple of extra ideas and that lead to us discussing all kinds of wonderful ideas so it was clear a second list was needed and here it is.

Professional Family Photos are always something to treasure.  I do advise finding a local photographer rather than a chain as the local photographer is usually cheaper and has more qualifications, etc.

Vouchers for Experiences so they can get more photos and memories recorded.  This could be anything from a movie to a theme park or a wildlife experience like feeding dolphins at Tin Can Bay, visiting the turtles and Mon Repos, a Museum trip, Whale Watching, visiting local landmark, etc.

A Ancestry Membership or even a Ancestry DNA test is a great gift for the Scrapbooker who is into exploring and recording family history.  

Digital Photo Storage and Organisation.  I know many are not tech savvy including myself or have trouble being organised so anything that helps with organising and storing our digital photos safely is appreciated.  It could be something as simple as helping them find the cloud storage that is right for them, a photo storage and sorting program, a external hard drive that you then set up folders for each year and each month of each year in, etc.

Physical Photo Storage and Organisation.  Most of us have huge piles of photos from before we had digital cameras maybe you could give the gift of your time to help them scan and back up their photos and album pages and maybe even help sort their photos into photo safe storage so they can find things easily to scrap.  When looking for a photo storage box look for one that isn't cardboard or PVC, you want polypropylene or mylar plastic for archival storage.

A gift basket full of scrappy goodies.  Shay had a awesome idea for a gift basket full of scrappy goodies, many of them are in this list, so why not look through this list and the previous list and create a gift basket for the scrapbooker/papercrafter in your life.  You could use a basket or a cute bag or tote to present it in.

A nice pen for their journalling.  Years ago I emailed some pen companies to ask which pens are archival, Pilot said all their pens are as did Uniball and Sakura said their Pigma Micron Pens are so a pen from these brands would be a awesome gift for their journaling.  

Supplies for clean up when doing mixed media so some paper towels (you could even get some with a cute design on them to make them a bit more fun), baby wipes or head to the op-shop for some face washers and hand towels for a reusable clean up option.

Scissors.  A crafter always needs scissors.  I have a pair for fussy cutting, cutting fabric and ribbon, non-stick for cutting tape, multipurpose for cutting plastic and other things that may damage scissors.

I did mention a cup or mug in the previous list and this falls into that category a Travel Coffee Mug, they are less likely to spill so are great for crafters.

Sweets to munch on while crafting to keep their energy up while they work.

Spray bottle for a nice spritz of water when doing mixed media.  You could even get them one with a cute decal on.

Paint for doing mixed media, even the cheap stuff from the local cheap shop can be fun to play with and experiment with, it doesn't have to be expensive.

If they haven't tried Gelatos or Scribble Sticks yet then a set of those as they are a lot of fun to play with. 

Paint Brushes, either a set or a nice silicone one.

Photo Printing Vouchers.  We do print a lot of photos so if they don't have a printer at home and getting one is out of the budget a voucher to get photos printed is great.

A 12x12 frame to display their work.

Albums to put their work in.  Try and suss out which type they prefer.  Some prefer D ring and some prefer post-bound or the old style strap hinge albums.  If you aren't sure don't worry, we appreciate the thought and albums no matter the type are always useful.  

If buying a post bound album consider also ordering  a snapload kit  to replace the posts with, especially if they have hand issues like I do.  I find using post-bound albums very difficult due to my hands and I wind up having to ask someone to put pages in for me so the snapload kit is awesome for me as it allows me to be independent when using these albums.

I hope this list and the list I created earlier this month are helpful to you in your gift giving.  And don't forget to save both lists so you can come back to it for those upcoming Birthdays, Mother's Day and Anniversaries.

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  1. Fantastic List there Raelene, sometimes it is so hard for our loved ones to buy us gifts that include scrapbooking even glue is a personal choice for many. Thank you for doing this list up