Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Easy Ucpcycled and DIY Halloween Decorations - Helmar Creative Team

I wanted to decorate for Halloween this year but I wanted to be a bit more environmentally friendly with my decorations so instead of buying new I decided to DIY as many things as I could and include some Upcycling where possible.  I also wanted some projects the boys could help with.
Today's post is about the easier decorations we made.

First we made some Witch Legs, Pinterest suggested a few pins of this fun project.  I wanted a really quick version that E could help with and to Upcycle where possible, so I went with the under the door mat/cupboard/house, etc version.

I picked up these glittery shoes for $2 at my local St Vincent De Paul Op-shop, some cute purple & black striped knee high socks to make this project with E.  We used stuffing from a pillow that is really uncomfortable and no one likes to stuff the legs, I set E the task of stuffing the legs.
To close the tops of the socks I used Helmar Fabric Glue, applying a spot and folding down on itself, and repeat until the top is closed.

I then used Helmar Fabric Glue to glue the stuffed socks into the shoes, applying some directly on the sock and some inside the heal.

Our Witch Legs are now ready for poking out of a wall, door or furniture.

For our second easy DIY we upcycled a empty liquid soap refill bottle into a potion bottle.
Start by applying 2 coats of black paint to the bottle (apply a third if you need to).  Then smudge some streaks of Distress Oxide in Seedless Preserves and some gold paint on the bottle.

Paint the lid gold but rub it off a little so the black is kind of visible to give it that ages look.
My paint peeled a little so I used a scrap of gauze that I had wiped black ink, and Distress Oxide in Seedles Preserve and Spiced Pumpkin with to hide this and my excess gold paint near the lid.  I just draped it around the bottle and glued it down with Helmar Premium Craft Glue.

To finish my potion bottle off I printed some free printable apothocary labels and adhered them with Helmar Premium Craft Glue to the bottle and gauze.  I love the results.  I need some more interesting shaped plastic bottles so I can make more.

For our third project in Today's post I Upcycled a wire mannequin jewelry holder into a witch.
It was gold so I smuged some watered down black paint all over it, you can still see hints of the gold but I love the look it now has.

I grabbed some scrap purple fabric and black lace.  I wrapped the fabric around the mannequin and adhered the seam together with Helmar Fabric Glue, adhereing the lace to the fabric with Helmar Fabric Glue.

I made her a cute witch hat by cutting 2 circles from felt, I cut 1/4 away from one circle and glued it into a cone shape with Helmar Fabric Glue.  I then snipped the middle of the base into triangles so that I could glue them to the inside of the cone. 

I made a tassel of trim and glued that inside the hat to represent hair.  I then finished it off by gluing some purple lace around the hat and poking a old earing through the front and bending it over with pliers.

I then tied some ribbons and trim around the waist, chest and underneath in the centre so they would hang out from under the skirt and represent the legs.
I adhered a dimensional bat sticker to her chest and a cat die cut from black glitter foam which I received in a die cut swap to the fabric with Helmar Premium Craft Glue.

How cute did she turn out?

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