Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Easy ANZAC Day cardstock Poppies

In addition to what the kids are learning at school about the ANZAC's Today we searched Ancestry for the ANZACS in our family and the Discover ANZACS website, there is a lot of information that I have previously not been able to find.

I wanted to make some cardstock poppies with the kids to use when recording these memories and the stories of the ANZACS in our family. 

Roughly trace the bottom of a glue bottle to get 5 circles that I then roughly cut the circles out just inside the lines.
Draw a yellow circle and colour it in in the centre.
Draw a scribbly circle over the yellow and then do lots of dots around it.  You can do this at any stage before shaping.

As I was out of red and lilac cardstock I decided to used some inks to colour some of the circles.
I just dabbed the ink pad on my craft sheet and added water.
Some I coloured with a brush and some I just dabbed the cardstock directly into the colour.
If you make them with coloured cardstock it will affect the hint of yellow in the centre so just do a black centre.

To shape them I ran my large stylus in little circles all over the flower and then pressed down hard in the middle so it popped up and created a fold.

These poppies are a great activity for children to create for ANZAC Day. 

I love how they turned out and will add them to my stash I am collecting to record the ANZACS in our family.  There is no photo of Grandma's brother so hopefully I can get my cousin who has his Medal to take a photo of it and I will scrap that.

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