Sunday, 22 November 2015

Uni exam is over so I can get back to some crafty projects - Altered Album Cover

Sorry it has been a while since I posted I had a Uni exam to do so I got myself 2 months ahead in designs for the shop I tutor Scrapbooking at and then did very little crafting as I prepared for this exam as it was a deferred exam so I had to review material covered last semester.

Now that my exam is out of the way I am back to crafting and thought I would share with you a fun project I did for the shop.

The packaging was torn on this white album and it had spots of brown paint on it so I took it home to decorate as a display.
Lovely range of flowers the owner wanted featured on the album cover so first I layed them out on the cover to get a idea of how they would work best together.

I gave the album a thin basecoat of Gesso, once it was dry I stenciled with Gesso.
I made paint sprays with the 4 paints I had  to work with and spray them on the album while it stood up, I turned it upside down and did a little on the bottom.  Wiping off any paint with a baby wipe that was on the metal as I went.
It was a little bright so I sprayed the front with water to mute it.
I used my heat gun to dry as much as possible and then left it overnight.

Next morning I placed the ribbon and flowers the owner wanted on the cover before adhering down.

I felt it needed some more neutral flowers so quickly punched out 2 lots of 6 large scallop circles from a damaged book, sprayed with a little water, scrunched and dried with my heat gun.
Layered, poked a hole in the layers and inserted a brad. Fiddled with the layers until I was happy.
I love making these flowers, they are quick and fun.

The finished Display Album, I can't wait to get pages into it.

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