Monday, 6 January 2020

Quick and Easy Drawer Repair - Helmar Creative Team

One of the drawer fronts in our Buffet broke a while back, we sealed it with some duct tape to prevent bugs getting in and put it in the get around to fixing it when we have the glue and the time catagory.
Thanks to Helmar I have the perfect glue to fix the drawer front and the perfect cleaner to get the duct tape adhesive off.  With moving I need to sell or give away the buffet away so the time to fix it is now.  

I used some Helmar Super Strength PVA Wood Glue.  


I borrowed some clamps from a friend to hold my pieces together while the glue dried.  I left it overnight to give it as much time to bond as possible before use.

I used too much Helmar Super Strength PVA Wood Glue but I have never done a repair like this before and was wanting to ensure I didn't use too little, so I just wiped off the excess with a damp cloth when it seeped out. 

While my glue was drying I decided to clean off the duct tape adhesive from the buffet with Helmar H2000 Remove Cleaner.  This stuff is great for getting adhesive residue off things, just spritz and rub off with a rag.  It is best to test on a section that isn't visible first.

All fixed, I apparently messed up the alignment and didn't notice until it was dry but that's ok, this was about getting a functional drawer again and it was a messy break.  So my advice for people like myself who haven't done repairs like this before is be careful with your alignment when applying the clamps. 

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