Monday, 18 November 2019

Quick and easy My Hero Academia Cosplay repairs and make - Helmar Creative Team

November is one of our biggest Birthday months in this family, so I try to get ahead on Christmas stuff but the Birthday stuff takes over.
Among the birthdays in November is Mr E and this year he is turning the big 13.  I wanted to do something fun as a suprise for him and I thought why not wake him up in a simple cosplay of his favourite female teacher from My Hero Academia.  It had to be simple as my plan was to create this without his knowledge so I could wake him on his Birthday as Ms Joke so I decided to just make a basic version of the shorts, team them with a black tank and a wig and I would be good to go.  I just wouldn't be able to make the gloves and belt with the time I had and in hiding as all the cosplay making supplies are in the room he uses daily for Distance Education.  My plan had a spanner thrown in the works when Mr C read out loud with E sitting within earshot a Facebook status I had made about it just before his Birthday, E isn't on Facebook, so I thought I was safe to post, how silly of me.

Now onto my Ms Joke Shorts
I bought these green men's swimming shorts from Big W after having no luck finding any shorts at any of my local op-shop.
I set myself up on a folding table in the lounge with these, scissors, wide orange ribbon (2 rolls), Helmar Fabric Glue and Helmar Fray Stoppa.

I cut the ribbon into lengths a little longer than the shorts adhered them down to the shorts with Helmar Fabric Glue, trimmed and then sealed the ends of the ribbon with Helmar Fray Stoppa.

Supper simple and quick to make and they look great for what I need them for.

I had ordered E a My Hero Academia Sports Uniform online so he could cosplay his favourite student, unfortunately the white fabric was fraying and some stitching was super close to the edge so while I had my supplies out I decided to use the Helmar Fray Stoppa to ensure it wouldn't get worse.

First I trimmed off the threads.

Then I ran Helmar Fray Stoppa along the edges, I was a bit wobbly with my application but it isn't noticeable once dry and he is wearing it.

I think we look pretty great for a couple of quick throw together budget cosplays.  :)

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